As The Days Go By

A collection of poems about the idea, the presence, the faces, the personalities of a person in mind.


2. An Ellipsis

I did not think of you for quite some time after that.

You were a long-term solution that could not be touched,

could not be considered,

could not be real.


I settled on the short-term,

less romantic,

less attainable,

less realistic solution.


I looked at boys for boyf.riend material.

I wasn’t impressed at all with those of my age.

I never had been, and I settled for what I could see.


Being enraptured a short and unsatisfying fancy that would naturally come to an end was part of the fun.

That was what I wanted,

I wanted the fun if I couldn’t have the serious


The match I had conjured in my head was never met and was only approved very late in the game when it was time to move schools.

This was ...disappointing.

I moved on quickly.


There was another one that was mulled over but even I wasn’t all that interested,

I took myself out of the situation.

And then thoughts of you welcomed be shortly after that.

Of course it felt like an age until they did.


But I am very


that they did.

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