My (almost) suicide

The last week of school it's supposed to be the best week of the year not for me. When you think your life is over think again.


4. Swimming

Since school ended I have been stuck on how to get better in swimming and how to trust anyone again. Every day I would go to swim with my friend Rachel, we would always get there early so I would do ONE cut in the bathroom then go get ready. One day after I cut I had a lot of time so I started writing a song when Trevor walked in. "Hey Miranda, Can I talk to you?"he asked. " Sure" I responded as we put our stuff down. When we went over to a place to talk he saw my wrist. "Miranda,Did you cut?" he asked as he traced my cuts. I nodded, gave him a hug and got ready for dry land. He put his mat by mine and was kind to me since then. I finally quit cutting everyday and now just do it once a week.

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