My (almost) suicide

The last week of school it's supposed to be the best week of the year not for me. When you think your life is over think again.


3. Boyfriend

After awhile a guy (Tanner) asked me out I of course accepted what else would I say. During the last week of school is supposed to be the best week of the year. Not for me. My boyfriend everyday of that week said "I HATE YOU, YOUR A BITCH, YOUR A SLUT" even though I broke up with him a week earlier. I had no one to turn to so on the night before the last day of school I cut myself 6 times. I got the relief I wanted. The next day at school the boys asked me what was on my wrist I showed them, they traced each cut , gave me a hug and asked why. I said Tanner and they all got mad at him. Since then I cut every time I think of him.


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