If you're a bird, then I'm a bird...

Emily seems to have the perfect life, to some. She has friends, a family boys swooming over her...but she doesn't..it's all fake...when she sneaks off to an Ed Sheeran concert, she meets someone whom she wasn't excepting to meet. When he falls head over heels for her, will she fall too? Or will he break and everything go down. What happens when news breaks out, creating scenes everywhere!? Her life isn't as it seems, her head is somewhere else from her body..?
Hearts will break, tears will fall. Rain turns into storms, fights will happen...Promises won't be the only thing broken....


3. twitter news

Ed's P.O.V

   "Hey Weasly! Look at all these girls!" A familiar deep voice called from the window. I turned and watched as Harry was so excited about seeing all the fans in line. 

"Yeah? You have more girls than I do." I said smiling at him, he shook his head. "Yeah...for the band...all these girls are here for one person...not five. I doubt all the girls at my concerts like me.." He said I could tell he was already hurt about it. 

"Hey Potter, check my Twit will ya?" I asked him, so he would be kept occupied. He sighed loudly, on purpose. I heard him stomp to the couch where I was and he fell to it making me jump a bit. 

He grabbed my phone and unlocked it. He quickly got on my Twitter, and read some tweets. 

After a while, I looked up at him. A cheeky grin was plastered across his face. "What?" I asked him. He looked up suddenly forgetting he was in the real world. 

"Oh, these girls are tweeting you, they are so funny-" He was cut off by my stage manager. 

"Ed, let's go." She said opening the door for me. "By Potter, see ya in a hour yeah?" I said grabbing my guitar and walkling out the door. 

I walked to the stage, hearing the screams from the filling stadium. My nerves were tense. I cracked my knuckles, took a deep breath...here I go....


Harry's P.O.V

As I sat in Ed's room alone I just got on his twitter to see all the tweets. He gets the least amount of hate...I think...

It's fun to watch new tweets pop up, or girls going crazy and tweeting about something he just said on stage. I scrolled up to the top and a pic tweet came up. 

"Emma's first concert! <3" The caption said, from @Cassie_Smiles The picture was of two girls, they managed to get Ed in the pic, as the background. One had black curly hair with adorable freckles. One had wavy curls that were dirty blond. She had bright eyes. I felt like I was staring at the picture for so long...I couldn't stop studying the girl...She looked so beautiful...

I retweeted the picture, forgetting I was on Ed's twitter. A few seconds later the girl 'Cassie' tweeted again. 

@Cassie_Smiles: "Oh my gosh, Ed Sheeran retweeted my picture!!! This is the best day ever!!!" I laughed realizing how stupid this sounds when he's still performing..

"Hey Potter!" A loud voice echoed in my ear. I jumped and saw Ed standing there, I was dumbfounded. 

"How did you get here?! Concerts already over!?" I asked him, I must have been staring at those tweets for and hour an a half. "Yeah, like 5 minutes ago." He smiled wearily at me. "Everything ok?" He asked sitting down grabbing his phone from my hands. 

"Hey do you think some fans are still here?" I asked him standing up trying to act casually. He shrugged. "Maybe..depends on the fan!" He winked at me, I shrugged knowing how he felt. Some stay all night. 

I walked to the door opening it slowly and casually. 
"Harry! Where are you going?" He asked me, I licked my lips hesitating for a moment. "I have to find someone.." I whispered as I shut the door behind me walking as fast as I could down the dark concrete floor, to the open doors on the outside. 

I got to them dodging some security. I walked outside and realized...bad idea. I was almost mobbed by fans that saw me, so I ran inside...maybe they're at the gift shop. 

I speed walked to the gift shop, smiling at the passing fans screaming at me. I got there and it was packed. "Excuse me!!!" I shouted, all the noise suddenly stopped, and it was silent. 

"IT'S HARRY STYLES!" A squeal came ringing into my ear, then it was like zombies they all began to attack me, girls pushed each other to see me, I got caught in the middle of a dog pile, trying to breathe. Girls piled on-top on me trying to feel me. Hands were grabbing and pulling at various articles of my clothes. Girls tugging my hair so hard I was being pulled in every direction (Ba Dum Tss). 

I finally got some help with some considerate fans, and they ended up being like my security. 

"IS A CASSIE_SMILES IN THIS SHOP!?" I shouted as loud as I could, waited for a response, none...not a single one..shit.

I thanked the girls, then ran down the hall into another shop...not many girls were here. Girls still screamed in my ear asking for me to sign something, or another or a simple picture. "IS CASSIE_SMILES IN HERE!" I yelled again, feeling my throat burn from yelling down the halls and in the shops. No answer, this was getting tiring but I wasn't giving up I wanted to find this Cassie_Smiles....


I have checked outside, inside, everywhere, they must have left. I was mobbed 6 times, ripped apart almost 4 and abused 3...this day couldn't get any better...

I wandered my way to the empty stage. I sat at the very edge. I looked out into the empty stadium, and saw people, I think I was hallucinating. I saw my fans, with their signs, and hate signs, and glow sticks, everything. It was nice but yet creepy. I dangled my feet above the patterned floor. 

"Come on skinny love just last the year.." I sang softly as it echoed in the empty dark abyss in front of me. 

"My my my myy my my..." I sang again loudly. "In the morning I'll be with you.." I sang out. 

"MMM" I sang the last of my song. 

I looked into the blackness again then hopped off the stage, into the 'crowd'. 

I walked down the aisles and to the back door. I swung it open hearing a *THUMP*.

I closed it and saw a girl laying on the ground with her hands over her face. "A-Are you ok!?" I asked kneeling down to help her. She pushed my away, getting up. 

"I am so sorry I didn't know anyone was gonna be there. I can't believe I hit you!" I said freaking out. "It's ok..I'm fine" she said sounds nazzily. 

"NO!" A squawk came from behind me. "Shit shit shit shit shit shit!" She kept saying as she rushed to the girl I hit. 

"Great, now she's gonna have to explain this to her parents!" The girl said turning to face me. 

I recognized the black curly hair that bounced as she turned to face me, freckles sprinkled over her cheeks. 

"What do you have to say for yourself!?" She asked holding the girl in her arms. 

"@CASSIE_SMILES!" I shouted in excitement. "Yeah?" She asked backing up from me. 

"IT'S YOU! YOU'RE HERE!" I shouted at her, I think I scared her a bit. "How do you know my twitter name?" She asked me stunned. 

"You tweeted Ed Sheeran...Where's Emma!" I asked her frantically. 

"Here, the one you hit with the door." She said sarcastically. I ripped Cassie from Emma, and pushed her away. I grabbed Emma's forearms, pulling them down from her face. Blood was streaming from her nose. 

"Ew!" She hissed....


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