If you're a bird, then I'm a bird...

Emily seems to have the perfect life, to some. She has friends, a family boys swooming over her...but she doesn't..it's all fake...when she sneaks off to an Ed Sheeran concert, she meets someone whom she wasn't excepting to meet. When he falls head over heels for her, will she fall too? Or will he break and everything go down. What happens when news breaks out, creating scenes everywhere!? Her life isn't as it seems, her head is somewhere else from her body..?
Hearts will break, tears will fall. Rain turns into storms, fights will happen...Promises won't be the only thing broken....


2. New boys..

Emily's P.O.V

  In 5-4-3-2-1....

"Hello we are One Direti-" 

"Shut that off Vienna! I swear their voices are so irritating!" I shouted as I slammed the laptop closed making my sister Vienna so upset. 

"Don't roll your eyes or I'll rip them out of your head." I said wagging my finger in her face. "You're just jealous because they get girls and they're famous unlike you!" She stuck her tongue at me. I sighed and smiled sarcastically with her. "You're right I want so many girls fan girling over me. Sounds exciting." I smiled at her, as I popped open a Dr. Pepper can. 

"Can I grab my head phones and listen to them?" She asked me with a smirk on her face. I hopped over the top of the couch situating myself just right. I waved my hand in the air in a circular motion. "NO! Homework missy!" I told her, she sighed sliding from her chair. I grabbed the remote and flicked on the t.v. 

"They're the clean cut heart throb you could take home for tea...just don't ask to taste their gravy..it's ONE DIRECTION!" Said none other than Alan Carr. I loved Alan Carr or Chatty Man as some call it. He was so funny...but today he was interviewing One Direction. I always watch Chatty Man, I wanted to turn the T.V off, I took a vow to never listen to One Direction, they are just the new hype, and I'm not getting attached to them...

"So you're watching them?" A girlie squeal came into my ear. "I thought you didn't like them?" I turned to see a devilish smile across Vienna's face. 

"I don't...Homework now." I flicked off the T.V pointing at Vienna. She grumped but slothed her way over to the table. 

I watched as Vienna scribbled some things down on her paper. "Need any help girlie?" I asked her, she hesitated for a moment then looked at me. Her eyes pierced me, I smiled at her. She shook her head continuing her work. 




"Yes. Tonight right? What time are you coming?" 

"8 I think, let me check....Yesh at 8 o'clock pm sharp!"

"K, well gotta go, little ears are listening."

"KK Bye girlie!"

I hung up my phone. 

"Who was that?" Vienna asked casually like she didn't hear a thing. "No one." I smiled evilly at her. "Where are you going?" She asked me, she suddenly sat up listening intently to me. 

"None of your business, besides you have a big mouth, so I'm not telling you!" I stuck my tongue out at her, she sighed feeling left out. "Back to work." I said stepping onto out first step. She grupmed her arms across her chest and sighed, picking her pencil up one more time. 

I hopped upstairs, and into my small room closing the door behind me. I ran to my closet swinging the doors open, almost breaking them. I touched some clothes I had, then sighed...what am I going to wear?


Aha! I got it, I walked to the full body mirror checking out how I did. 

I was wearing black short shorts with my neon pink old converse. Then I had a white top that had neon writing on it, that said 'Music!' all over it. I brought my curly hair over my shoulder letting it fall just below my shoulder. I sighed, seeing that this is as good as I am going to get...so I walked to my charging phone. 

1 new message from: Cassie

"Hey it's like 7:30pm are you almost ready?"

I ignored it, since it was already 7:53pm. I laid on my messy bed, and sighed feeling exhausted from getting ready. I looked at my poster covered wall. It was filled with various bands an artists. Like Imagine Dragons, 5SOS, Demi L, Ariana G, Little Mix, Olly Murs, Rhianna, an of course...ED SHEERAN! I know what you're thinking, I like Ed, why don't I like the One Direction boys...well it's simple. They got too famous too fast...I just didn't like it..That should have happened to someone that deserved it..like Ed...

By the time I got back to reality it was 8:02pm, shit. 

I walked to my window peaking out, the sun was almost down. I looked out, and saw Cassie's car on the road waiting, she was here on time. 

I climbed out the window and too the nearest tree, making sure my clothes didn't catch on anything. 

I finally managed to get to the grass. I walked quietly to the road trying not to step on leafs or anything. 

I opened the car door and Cassie was smiling. Her black curly hair was fluffy and perfect. Her freckles were lighter than normally. Her smile was big and she had on blue jean short shorts and some blue TOMS. She had on a blue tee that said 'CAMP 2012'. "Ready?" She asked me. I nodded my head as she started the ignition. 

"Ed Sheeran here we come!" She said as she put her foot on the petal...

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