Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


24. WHY ME!?!

-------next morning---------
Sara's P.O.V. 
I was sitting on the couch talking to Dan because harry was taking a shower. ~what should I do Dan?~ about what?~ the kiss with Marc?!~ I don't know who do you like more?~ well I love harry but the kiss it was SO magical~ I don't know what to tell you but whoever you chose I'm with you~ ok Dan thanks! I left to the kitchen to eat 
Dans POV 
I wanted to tell Sara I liked her!! "She is so beautiful!" "who is" Sara said...crap I must've said that out loud!~Who Dan!!!!~My mom !!!~ Dan u can tell me!~ ok Sara u!~What??!

Sara pov 
    OMG Dan liked me ! What should I say! I just left the house and went outside to think. I had liked Dan before and now he likes me? Why is everything so confusing? He is cute and funny and I wanted to kis..... No Sara u are with harry! 

Dans POV
     Sara just left the house!! I guess I would just leave her outside to think. Harry got out of the shower and asked me where Sara was.. I said outside. 

Harry's POV
    I saw Sara she looked like she was thinking~~what are u thinking  about I asked her~ nothing~ want to go inside?~ sure..

Liam's POV 
     When everyone came inside the doorbell rang." who is it ?" Harry screamed. " it's makayla! " she yelled from behind the door. " I'll get it" I yelled. When I opened the door there stood the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on! I looked at her and smiled and she blushed.

 Makaylas P.O.V. 
    Oh hi Liam our mail got mixed up again~oh ok ill tell Harry~ok by Liam~by makayla see you at 7~~yes you will. 

Liam pov
      I am so happy I am crazy about her I closed the door as she walked away. I turned around to only see Sara Harry Waldo and Dan on the couch I guess Natalie Dan Marc and Elizabeth were still sleeping oh zayn ended staying with Lou until he felt more comfortable with Natalie and Isaac together.

Sara pov (my pov lol)
     You guys I'm bored!~ I know me too,Harry said.~~I know something exciting we can do~~oh my god Harry I said when I'm nineteen~~fine I guess ill have to wait~~ Dan looked confused..umm Sara can i talk to you for a second~~yeah sure...I had to make sure Harry didn't think anything was up so I acted normal...what's up Dan~~I'm sorry ~~for what~~for making things ackward between us~ it's ok let's just pretend that never happened~but I don't want to forget Sara at first I thought I loved you like if you were my sister but then I found out that I really do like you~umm Dan I kinda like you too but I didn't want to tell you cuz It would ruin our friendship~that is why I said my mom~oh~ok Sara now that you know lets just go back to normal as best friends~~ I would love that..I grabbed his hand and sat next to Harry again.
   Natalie came downstairs with Isaac"hey guys"Isaac screamed while coming downstairs."hi guys",I'm bored is there anything specific you guys want to do today.."umm how bout we invite everybody over and do something,I told everyone. Ok ill call Lou and zayn,Harry said. Niall and Eli were sleeping and Marc.. Ill wake everyone up.
Still Sara's pov
    I went upstairs to wake everybody up (by everybody I mean Niall Elizabeth and Marc) first I went into the first guest room Niall and Eli were in there." WAKE UP!!!" They slowly got up.."YOU GUYS IT IS NINE O'CLOCK !!"uhh ok.. They replied. Go downstairs guys. They went downstairs I just had to wake up Marc.
     I walked twords the other guest room where Marc was sleeping. I opened the door slowly and closed it behind me.. I wanted to talk to him. Marc wake up!..I said shaking him. He got me and somehow he was on top of me.. I kinda liked it.
    Umm Sara I am still in love with you~i don't know what to say Marc~~you don't have to say anything just just kiss me..he was leaning closer and closer until our lips met each others I felt sparks going through my body but I pulled away cuz somebody opened the door.. It was Dan.
    Oh my god Dan...~whoa do you guys want some privacy~no I was about to leave..umm Marc go downstairs ok.~umm ok see you guys downstairs, Marc replied. Dan closed the door behind him I guess he wanted to talk.

Dan pov
      Umm Sara~~yeah Dan ~~I love you~~I know Dan I love you too~~not like that l like you in like the more than friends way..I know we were gonna pretend what I said never happened but I can't I'm crazy about you~~umm Dan I kinda have some little feelings about you too but I'm with Harry sorry...see Dan that's why I wanted to forget about what you said cuz now things are really ackward!~i know I am sorry can you forgive me, he did a pouty face~ I guess,I got his hand and went back downstairs."so Dan friends.~BEST friends!
      Oh wait!~~what Dan~~when we were downstairs you said you were gonna do it when you turn nineteen what is "it"~~umm~~Sara are you sure you are ready to give up your virginity..are you sure that Harry is the one~he is the one it was love at first sight... I smiled at him and he smiled back..ok if you say so.

Sara pov 
   An hour later everyone was here and by everyone I mean Lou zayn David Tony pretty much everyone... I think? Lol there's alot of boyz. It was pretty interesting cuz zayn showed up with this beautiful girl...Natalie looked a little jealous but I don't think nobody noticed well except for me cuz after like 7 or 8 years of knowing each other we know each other pretty good.
    After like an hour we finally decided where to go...we decided to go to a water park since it is July it is really hot...."Harry I don't want you checking out girls,your mine!"~~yup your the only one for me.. We smiled at each other. Liam wasn't able to come with us because of his date with makayla. Hopefully zayn takes his date somewhere besides with us because I don't want problems between Natalie and I think her name is ally??? After a couple minutes later I found out that her name was ally and that she is coming with us.. Ok I could deal with that.. I went upstairs to get ready everyone did. I was still confused I wanted to forget what happened with Marc and Dan I want to focus on Harry(aka)the love of my life <3
    Al of a sudden someone shuts the door and starts kissing me like crazy. At first I didn't see who it was until I saw his whoa ... OMG!
Was it...


Plzzz coment like and favorite tell me who you think that mystery person should be...MARC OR HARRY!?! Ok by and tell me if I'm doing a good job for my first movella. ;)

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