Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


28. Tonight is the night!

Harry's pov 
   I woke up with my hand around Sara's waist. She made me feel so warm... And it hurt me to see her cry yesterday and to think I was the cause of that. I should stop being a perv. Who am I kidding I could be a perv when it comes to Sara.
    I didn't want to wake her so I tiptoed out of the room... She didn't wake up. I got my phone and sent everybody a text that we were gonna have a surprise party for her. I shouldn't have told her that we were gonna have a party for her yesterday cuz she will expect it.. Oh well maybe she won't remember.. She had a little alcohol in her system last night.
   So they all texted back with okays and cools.
   It was 9:30 when she woke up. Good morning love, I said putting my hands around her waist. I kissed her neck and gave her a peck on the cheek. She turned around to kiss me on the lips it was just a peck but I got butterflies.
    Everybody came downstairs to eat. Niall came running down when he smelled the pancakes. He was holding hands with Eli. 
   Calm down Niall they will be here if you walk~wait who made them~me~yeah your right I should walk.. We started laughing and just started talking.
    Everyone else came over to eat soo there we are eating at the table when Sara fork falls and she bends down to get it.. Everyone looked at her I mean everyone.. Well at least all the boyz did. I got so mad and especially because she was sitting next to ray ray and they fancy each other. I told her to go change~want to come Harry, she said smiling~sure~I was just kitting perv!
   We both started laughing... She went up to our room to change.. So I talked to everybody about today about how we're gonna do her a surprise party even though her actual birthday was tomorrow. They all understood.. All the girls will go shopping while the guys decorate and stuff.
   Sara came down wearing yoshi shorts with the same grey tang top. She was beautiful.. Her shorts were still short but not as short as the other ones. We finished up our pancakes and the girls got ready to go. 
    When they left we started to decorate and make food. I ended up leaving with Lou to Victoria Secret to get Sara a birthday gift.
   When we got there... There was a hot lady asking if we needed any help~i said yes~ she was totally checking me out but I was with Sara!
    I told her that I needed something for my GIRLFRIEND I said girlfriend loud so she could know. She found a pair of a lace bra and under wear... She asked me if I wanted her to try it on... 
   What the fuck is wrong with her.. I said I have a girlfriend! I looked at Lou with a mad face.. And he understood what I meant... Umm miss,Harry here has a girlfriend~ is  that right~yes I do and I would prefer if you stop acting like this!~is she prettier than me?~umm yeah.. Yes she is..just her personality is prettier than you~ excuse  me?~ my girlfriend is prettier now deal with it and stop acting like that cuz only desperate guys will go for bitches like you~she left us and went to help some other customer... She left the bra and underwear there. I decided to take those for her hopefully she will use them tonight at midnight. 
    We got back home and it looked great. There was food and decorations. They put lanterns on my pool so it looked so romantic! Oh yeah that reminds me I have to take her on a date! I could take her on a date tomorrow for her real birthday! 
    We heard her door close from her car she ended up taking Tony's awesome car. We turned off the lights and then she came in... SUPRISE!!!!!!!
    She got home and she had a bag full of bathing suits... Thanks guys but my birthday isn't for tomorrow~ I know we are gonna stay up till midnight remember when you officially turn 19!~oh yeah are you excited Harry?~VERY!

My pov ( Sara ) 
   Harry witch one is better?.. I said while taking out my 5 bathing suits. There was a green 2 piece... A pink 2 piece...a purple 2 peice( I chose that one for ray ray his favorite color is purple).. A rainbow 2 peice... A black 2 piece... ~ how many can I choose~ you could choose 3 ill return 2.~umm ok the black one the rainbow and the orange and the green and the purple~ Harry?!? I said 3~ umm ok you already have a black one so not that one~ok.. I put the black one back in the bag.~ok let me see.. You already have a green one so not that one~ok.. I put that one in the bag too... So that left me with the pink purple and rainbow.
    I looked up to see beautiful decorations. Thanks guys! Your welcome.. You have always been there for us and we want you to know that we're there for  you too.
I smiled and gave everyone a hug I gave Harry an extra long one.. Thanks Harry.~your welcome love.
   Time went by quick the last time I checked it was 4 o'clock and now it is 10 o'clock. 
Harry's pov
    Sara ended up wearing her rainbow bathing suit and I'm glad she did cuz she looked beautiful! I love her so much... She jumped inside the pool.. And landed right next to me. I got out of the pool and went oh the diving bored when I landed my shorts fell off... And she saw my bee bee gun. 
   She blushed and I told her that that was a sneak peak... We started laughing and went out of the pool. We were listening to bubble butt and everybody started twerking it was so funny. 
    It was 11:30 and me and Sara were just in the living room talking. I took her upstairs we were watching tv. And then ray and Marc called us down stairs cuz it was almost midnight. When we came down stairs there was a light that reflected on the pool it said happy birthday Sara!!! 

Sara's pov 
   Omg I started tearing up when I saw that and when I was looking at the pool there was a big boom! There were fireworks I looked up and they were red hearts I love everyone soo much! I gave everyone a hug but I gave Marc Dan ray and Lou a kiss on the cheek but I gave Harry a passionate kiss. 
   After the fireworks were done Harry took me up stairs. He showed me my present wich was a lace bra and underwear he has problems. He told me to go change while he changed. I agreed and went into the restroom. 
    I came out and Harry was only wearing some underwear... He was laying on the bed. The door is locked right?~yup~ok~I sat on the bed with him and told him that I loved him a lot and he grabbed me and started kissing me passionately. WAIT HARRY... Are you wearing a condom.~yes love.
    Harry was kissing my neck and started sucking hickies on it.. Harry whispered to me.. He told me to take it off... I'm pretty sure he meant his underwear so I took it off where I  saw a pretty big bee bee gun. We started to kiss passionately while our tongues moved in sink I bit down on his bottom lip causing him moan. My hands going down his back while him holding my bum. He started to take my underwear off... Harry pressed our bodies together causing both of us to moan. Harry was moving his hands up my waist while I was running my hands through Harry's sweaty hair. He unclipped the back of the bra... Now we were both    completely naked. We were rubbing against each other... Harry sat on my legs and I knew what he wanted me to do.. I took it in my hands and put my mouth on the tip of it while swirling my tongue around it while getting closer and closer to Harry until I couldn't get any closer. He let out a moan. He smiled and told me I was really good. Then he positioned himself over me and slowly started going inside me Harry was going faster and faster I started feeling pleasure I let out a loud moan. It was getting hard we let out moans. Our screams were getting louder and louder I felt like a twitch inside me and both me and Harry let our fluids out. I let out a final moan and looked at Harry. 

Harry's pov 
   Well that was fun~she just smiled.~wanna do it again? I leaned in and we were still completely naked so I started pushing myself on her hard causing both of us to moan one last time. After that we were just kissing I was kissing every part of her body. She kept smiling and when I stopped she went on top of me~ooh I like when the girls are on top but I prefer to be on top so I flipped her over and now I was on top of her. She was smiling and biting her lip she looked sexy... 
    After that we just started kissing. Harry I'm tired lets go to sleep.~maybe another time Harry~ ok~ she went under the covers and I guess she was really tired cuz she didn't even bother putting her clothes back on so she was still naked. I pulled her closer and kissed the hickie I left on her neck. She smiled and told me that she loved me. And I replied with an I love you too. I went to sleep with a smile on my face cuz I was thinking of Sara and what had happened. I love her so much!

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