Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


23. So confused

My pov (Sara)
    Ok it was like 3 in the morning.After talking to Liam I went to go sit next to Dan he was scratching his scraches from the dog attack"stop Dan you are gonna get scars~~don't girls like scars,Dan said leaning closer to me~~whoa Dan your drunk,I said laughing.. I've never seen you so drunk~~I know but it was just so fun with all of you guys all of like my best friends are here~~I know it was really fun~~so did you have even more fun when you kissed Marc~~shut up,Dan..I got up and gave him a kiss on his head I loved him so much..
        I went with Harry he was drinking a beer outside with Waldo,David,Marc,Lou,Zayn,Natalie and Isaac. Well Natalie and Isaac weren't talking they were just making out on the hood of Tony's car. Zayn looked so mad it looked like he was gonna explode." Hey Harry hey guys... HI NATALIE!.. I doubt she can hear me.~~hello love Harry said kissing my neck. ~~Hi Sara,Marc said giving me a quick smile~I smiled back and blushed..Harry saw and said"Sara..."~~I could tell he was drunk cuz if he wasn't he would of been arguing with Marc.

Liam's pov
    I walked outside to see the boys drinking and Natalie and Isaac macking on each other. I was still thinking of what Sara said of how I needed a girlfriend...I did want one but u didn't want all the drama again. All if a sudden I see this beautiful girl with brown beautiful hair with bright blue eyes walking towards Harry "hey Harry she said in the most adorible voice"~~oh hi makayla ~~who's this Harry, Sara said..it was obvious that she was jealous.

Makayla pov 
    I walked up to Harry to see this cute boy standing behind him."oh Harry I think our mail got mixed up again~~oh let me see,Harry said walking twords me we were alone until some cute tall guy came with us"Harry why didn't you tell me you had a cute neighbor.. He gave me  a quick  smile I just blushed back and smiled~~yup this is my mail..ok by makayla ill leave you and Liam alone obviously you guys liked each other Harry winked at Liam. Liam just smiled.

 Liam pov 
      Hi I'm Liam I said getting her hand and giving her a gentle kiss on it.~~hi I'm makayla~~sooo I see you like vampires(she was wearing a twilight shirt~~OMG yes I love them~~ well I have the movie in my flat would you want to come over sometime and wach it with me~~I would love too Liam..do you need my number or..~~umm yeah I guess~~ok here it is~~thanks she said handing me my phone back ok tomorrow at 7~~yeah  see you then.
    She left.. I went back with Harry with a big smile.." Guess who has a date tomorrow"~~I give up,who?~~me I have a date with makayla!~~good for you Liam.

My pov(Sara)
    I turned around to see Niall and Liam snuggling. It was like 4am and it was pretty cold so everyone went inside the house(Harry's house) and sat down. Everybody was happy well except zayn. I was so happy for Liam he kinda has a girlfriend.. Like an hour later everyone went home except for Waldo,Dan,Marc,and Issac. Dan and Waldo are gonna stay with us hopefully forever cuz I am gonna miss them to much but unfortunately until they find their own place. And Isaac I don't know cuz he is with Natalie now but he might come over everyday now. And Marc might come all the days that issac comes too.
   It was pretty late I ended up falling asleep in Dan's arms on the couch. He was asleep too I never wanted it to end I felt so safe unfortunately I was woken up by Harry cuz he wanted me to go in his room with him.
    I agreed so I got off the couch and gave Dan a kiss on the check he smiled and went back to sleep. We went upstairs and Harry started to undress him self. Oh my god Harry what are you doing I had a big smile on my face cuz he was just so pretty he had no shirt on and he was taking off mine too.." Oh no Harry"~~but why~~maybe when I turn 19 (I was still 18 I was turning 19 in a month and a half) ok~~ok tha will be my present and yours... Ok goodnight~~goodnight love you~~love you more always and forever ~~I got the chills thinking of that cuz that is what Marc said to me I fell asleep in his arms thinking of that...I am so confused I have tiny feelings for Dan I don't know what I have for Marc and I am in love with Harry!<3


Ok plzzz coment fav and like and plzzz tell me if I'm doing a good job and makayla if you want to do anything specific on that date with Liam just leave a comment ;)

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