Harry's Love πŸ’” 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


20. Oh no!!!!

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Dans pov      
      Natalie was still crying on the floor."Zayn what did you do to her!~~since when did you start caring about her~~way before you did...bitch Natalie is like my sister.~~well I'm her boyfriend.
     Natalie got up from the floor..."not any more",she said crying.~~"Natalie what did he do to you ",Sara said comforting Natalie in her arms. What do you mean not any more, Zayn said confused. ~~I mean we're done Zayn! 
       Harry went to Sara and Natalie and started whispering stuff in Natalie's ear..."don't worry Natalie everything is ok."~~"he he he",she tried to talk but she kept holding her stomach."what did you do to her!, I screamed.~~nothing motherfucker she tripped!~~oh that's why she broke up with you!~~zayn walked out of the room Harry followed. 

Harry's pov
      What did you do to her!~~nothing!~~really zayn, bullshit!~~you did something~~ok we were arguing and I hit her in the stomach really hard I didn't mean to...
I feel really bad~~well you should if I ever get in a fight with Sara I wouldn't hit her! A guy should never hit a girl! I got up and went back with Natalie and Sara. 
    Dan was hugging Sara and Natalie 
Natalie kept holding her stomach." Can u guys get out please let me talk to her,Sara said. "Ok"me and Dan replied.

My pov (Sara)
     Let me see , Natalie.~~he hit me really hard.. She picked up her shirt a little. There was a big bruise kinda close to her belly button. "Are you ok"... I gave her a hug."yeah thanx"
Thank u for being for me all the time ~~well u r my best friend Natalie, do you want me just to see you cry there~~she smiled.
    There was a knock on the door.."come in",I answered. Dan walked in. Are you ok, Natalie, he said walking twords him. Natalie got up and she gave him a hug. "yeah,thanks I'm ok~~you know I was about to hit zayn in the balls~~you should of, that bitch who does he think he is to hit me~~I know a guy should never hit a girl. Natalie gave both of us a hug. Thanks for being the best friends ever.
      I called her brother and told him everything because even though he acts like he doesn't care about Natalie he really loves her. He told me he would be right over he was out with  his friend David. David was like Natalie's biggest crush when we were in junior high.... She liked him so much. Dan, Waldo(Natalie's bro) and David were like best friends. They used to hang out with Tony(the one I went to the movies with),Isaac (Natalie's ex),and Marc (my ex)
      Me and Harry were sitting downstairs we were waiting for Waldo. I got a call I looked at my phone it was her brother. I picked up..."hello"~~"oh Sara I'm with Marc, David and Isaac oh and tony can they come too I don't have time to drop all of them off "~~"umm sure".
     We hung up the phone...omg my and Natalie's ex are coming what is gonna happen? And David is coming what is Natalie gonna say and do? 
     Will zayn get jealous? There was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it...all 5 of them walked in Harry saw that Marc was here and got a serious face expression. Zayn was sitting on the other couch and when he saw Isaac he got up the couch and said," what are you doing here."we came to help my sister cuz someone hit her in the stomach ",Natalie's brother said. 
      Zayn went into the kitchen it sounded like he was crying.. I guess he really did feel bad. Dan came downstairs..." Nat is upstairs guys, lets go!" Everybody went upstairs she was in shock to see Isaac and David. Isaac sat down next to her and gave her a hug she didn't hug him back at first but then she did she started crying in his arms.

Isaac pov
     The truth is I still like you Natalie,I wispered in her ear.....she got her head off my chest and looked at me. She leaned over and she kissed me."whoa", Dan said covering his eyes. David looked a little jealous.

My pov (Sara)
     Harry walked in side the room and grabbed my waist he kissed my neck. I started laughing. Marc looked at us he looked jealous and a little mad.
     So guys everybody's here so let's have a little party."yeah everybody replied. I called Niall to bring everybody to come back because of the party he said ok so when they came we started cleaning a little.
     Niall, Elizabeth,Liam,and Lou came back. Lou asked Harry if he can go get ice with him but Harry kept saying no cuz he didn't want Marc to do anything or say anything to me. Lou kept bugging him so he finally said yes. Everyone else was outside helping do hamburgers,hotdogs,and sandwiches. I was inside waching tv. They said I didn't have to help because since we were at Harry's house and I always cleaned it I didn't have to clean. Marc walked inside. He sat next to me. He put his hand on my leg and smiled. I took his hand of my leg and put it on his. He looked at me and started laughing. "Sara I love you forever and always.. Omg I say that to Harry. He was leaning twords me very slow...the door opened it was Harry! I hope he didn't see... Did he see?



Ok I will try to update soon!!!! Plzzz coment favorite and like plzzz tell me if I'm doing a good job... Ewww don't think wrong! Ok by love you guys!

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