Harry's Love πŸ’” 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


21. IM IN LOVE! ❀❀❀

β€’β€’β€’ Hope you like it β€’β€’β€’
Harry's pov
      I walked in to see Marc leaning on Sara , I knew I shouldn't have went with Lou. What the hell Marc, don't you understand that she's with me now~~Harry I wasn't gonna let him kiss me, Sara said.~~I know Sara I trust you.. She smiled at me~~sorry Harry it's just that I still love her~~Marc I know.. You look at her the way I look at her~~ok I will get out of your way, Harry can we just be friends cuz Natalie is kinda with Isaac now so...~~sure just stay away from Sara , i said laughing ~~ok,so r we friends now~~yeah I guess.

My pov (Sara)
       Omg Marc and Harry are friends now so I could hang out with all of them I'm so happy. I just don't want Marc to mess it up. I saw Natalie and Isaac outside he was holding her waist and kissing her neck. Marc was still sitting next to me and Harry was sitting on top of me playing with my hair. Zayn was upstairs with Lou and Liam... Probably crying cuz of the break up.Niall was outside with Eli (Elizabeth) making the food.
       Dan came inside and gave me a kiss on my head... " hey Sara ~~"hey"
Where's Waldo~~ oh he went with David to go get some beer~~ok but I'm not drinking ... Ok Harry !~~ok love.~~but I want to get you happy tonight~~ why~~cuz...~~Harold Edward Styles what are your intentions tonight...He started laughing~~ nothing,Sara calm your tits.I started laughing. David came back with Waldo. I got up to give David a hug. 

David pov
" hey Sara , I said while giving her a hug~~hi I haven't seen you in a long time~~I know... Oh Sara can I talk to you for a second~~yeah sure~~ok let's go outside... She followed me out the door. Harry kept looking at her and me. I closed the door. What's up David?~~oh I kinda like Natalie~~no really?...just kitting I know you do David it's so obvious.~~r u serious ?~~yes!~~oh I wanted to ask her out but isn't she with Isaac.~~I don't know but they kissed it was just a peck though~~ok I will ask her but when she's all alone~~k good luck~~thanks let's go inside now~~k.

My pov (Sara)
     When we came inside zayn was downstairs talking to Lou and Liam. 
Zayn was smoking. I guess now that he isn't with Natalie he thinks it is ok for him to smoke. 
     Natalie came in with Isaac holding hands. David looked at me. Tony was outside talking to Dan. They were both  eating a hot dogs. Pretty soon everyone was inside... Elizabeth was snuggling with Niall on the couch and Natalie was sitting between Isaac and David .. It was probably weird for her cuz I knew she still liked 
David . And Dan was sitting next to Marc and tony. And zayn Liam and Lou were still in the kichen talking. I was on top of Harry's lap. He was holding my waist and holding my hand. I am so happy everything worked out ... Well for everyone except zayn. He deserved it he shouldn't have hit her. He came into the living room he had the cigar in his mouth Natalie looked at him with a disappointed face. He went back to the kitchen ... Why did he even come to the living room?!
      I was still sitting on Harry's lap but my bum kinda hurt so I sat between Harry and Dan. When I did Dan got my hand and kissed it.. I looked at him and he smiled at me I smiled back." Ok Sara you let him kiss you but not me"?!, Marc said playing around.~~yeah cuz he kissed my hand not somewhere on my face..~~"ok",Marc got my hand and kissed it~~ok guys stop kissing my girl friend please. So Harry pulled me by my waist.

Harry's pov
      I got her waist and pulled her closer and closer we were touching noses. I kissed her passionately I licked her bottom lip to tell her to let me in but she didn't let me until a couple seconds later when I licked it again.. Our tongues were dancing with each other for like 3 seconds until Natalie separated us..."ok guys we get it"~~oh Natalie I am so gonna get you~~ha ha ...no! Me and Sara smiled at each other. She had the most adorable smile in the world!
      I love you Sara ~~I love you more!
I really do love her!!! No othe girl ever made me feel this way... I'm in love.


Plzzzz coment like and favorite I will update sooon tell me if I'm doing a good job cuz it is my first movella!!


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