Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


39. Gonna watch a movie....

Harry- I had my shirt off and was about to go on the bed but someone knocked on the stupid door."yes!"

Dan-"Sara can I talk to you!"

Harry-she can't right now alright!

Sara-shut up Harry! Ill be right out Dan.


Sara-I changed into my clothes and gave Harry a dirty look. I told Harry to put some boxers on and a shirt but he didnt listen he just glared at me... Completely naked. I couldn't help but look at his body cuz fuck did he look hot! I love him so much but after him hitting me and like talking to Dan like that I really didn't want to talk to him right now and to think I was gonna do it with him right now!
     I opened the door a little so that way Dan couldn't see a naked Harry."yes Dan?"

Dan-uhh Edward called he wants to the dinner thing in 2 days so ya.

Me-ya ok. Do you want something to eat?

Dan-ummm ya do you want to make some popcorn and watch a movie with everyone?

Me- yes I would love that. I smiled at him and told him that I would be right there.


Sooo sorry 4 the short chapter bit I'm working on my new fan fic SAME MISTAKES!!!!! Plzzzz check it out if u guys like this one u will love that one cuz I think it has more drama sooo ya plzzz check it out AND LIKE AND FAVORITE IT AND MAYBE FAN ME!!! Alright love u my Care Bears peac out mofos!!!



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