Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐




Sara pov
    Oh my god Marc get off of me!!!~ no Sara just kiss me~what the fuck Marc I thought you agreed to be friends and just friends!~I know but...~but what~I still love you~no u don't Marc cuz if you did then you would understand that I'm with Harry!~sorry Sara..~just stop already!~god I said I'm sorry~really? Soo you say sorry and expect me to forgive you?~umm yeah?~wow your such a jerk Marc! Get out!!!~you know what Sara~what?~I am the best guy you are ever gonna find!~yes Marc because your soooo perfect??!!~shut up cuz you know it too... He got closer and smashed his lips to mine. 
      At first I didn't let him but he was pushing me back trying to calm me down and it did so we were kissing for a couple seconds until Dan opened the door..whoa guys~oh my god guys.. He slammed the door he was really mad.DAN WAIT! I walked out the room.Marc just just STOP and leave me alone. He called me back but i don't go I went to go look for Dan...DAN!!! I screamed. He didn't answer.DAN!! I screamed again. This time he did answer he was outside. 
     Dan?~what?..Sara?~yeah Dan?~do you like Marc~I don't know it's confusing~well do you like me?~of course I do~then why don't you kiss me like you kiss Marc?~cuz I don't love Marc as much as I love you..I grabbed his hand... He was just looking down.~what do you mean?~well I don't want to kiss you because it's gonna ruin everything c'mon Dan we talked about this?!?~I know I'm sorry for over reacting~ you don't have to apologize I do~for what~ well I'm with Harry and I shouldn't kiss anyone but Harry.. Well and you.~ Dan smiled at me~I mean ill kiss you on ur forehead and ur head~oh yeah I knew that~wow Dan~ok Sara so lets go back to normal this time I promise~thanx Dan.. We were holding hands and went inside we sat down on the couch with him until I heard my name I think it was Harry?
     Ill be right back~ok~I went upstairs it was Waldo tony and David... They asked me what happened~umm nothing~really that's not what Marc told us~what did he tell you?~that you were macking on him~what the fuck he lying!~ok sure~you guys I'm serious!~ok what ever you say Sara~you guys where's Marc? He's with Harry~what?!!?~ok by guys~by Sara...
     I walked into our room( me and Harry's room) there he was sitting in the bed with his face in his hands next to Marc.. did Marc tell him??Are you ok Harry~umm yeah I just have a headache~oh do you want some pills~no it's ok...Sara?~yeah?~can we stay home? I don't want to go to the water park~ok ill stay with you~Sara I love you~I love you too Harry I have him a kiss on the cheek~Sara I'm gonna take a nap~ok~wait can you stay with me~yeah Harry ill be right back I want to talk to Marc real quick~ok he was starring at Marc~cmon Marc.
      What's up Sara~thanks Marc~for what~not telling him I gave him a hug~your welcome I know how much you love him and I don't want a bloody nose... We both started laughing~so were cool Sara?~yeah Marc just never kiss me like that ever again~ok fine~I stared walking back to our room when Marc called me back.
      Yeah Marc?~umm can my cousin ray ray stay here for a couple days~umm yeah~ok ill text him~wait Marc?~what?~Ray Ray from mindless behavior?~yeah?why?~oh my god I love him~wait what?~well before I was with Harry I was in love with him~wait before you were with Harry you were with me?!~I know but it wasn't like I was ever gonna meet him~soo you like him?~umm I don't know~shut up tell me I won't tell Harry~then YES!~wow weird~ don't worry I'm not gonna flirt with him~ok good~so when is he coming~probably today tomorrow or in two days~is he the only one coming or is everyone coming?~oh I don't know~relax Sara your boyfriend USE TO BE in one direction.~I know but I was In love with mindless behavior.~oh just don't get all crazy.~I know.ok by Marc I'm gonna go lay down with Harry. Ok by see you when we come back from the water park~but Marc how bout if ray ray comes when u guys are over there?~then answer the door and I don't know just talk~ok by Marc.. 
****Oh it said USE TO BE in one direction it's cuz when we first started dating they had to go on tour and we missed each other too much so they all agreed to quit one direction they are still kind of famous though and all of them like where there at cuz no more paparazzi and no more management and stuff soo yeah..****
    Marc had to go get ready so he took off his shirt and went downstairs to put sun block~wow put your shirt back on~shut up you know you want me~shut up Marc...I went back inside Harry's room~he was asleep~Harry?~yeah?~do you want me to leave you alone or do I lay down with you~come lay down with me~k I went under the covers with him and he pulled me closer we were kissing passionately for minutes~I live you Sara~I love  you more Harry~ no I love you more.. I kissed him again.. I was really in love.
     After like 30 min everybody left except Liam he had a date with makayla at 7. It was 6:30... So me and Harry were gonna be alone in a couple of minutes.
     A couple minutes later there was a knock at the door... Was it ray ray? I went downstairs to answer the door it was makayla.. LIAM MAKAYLA IS HERE! I screamed upstairs~hi makayla Liam is crazy for you... She blushed. Liam was coming downstairs~hurry Liam she was waiting in you and girls are never sopposed to wait~ok thanks Sara you can go back with Harry Liam told me~ok by Liam~by Sara see u later~I closed the door and went back with Harry. We both ended falling asleep in each others arms.

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