Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


26. Did Harry cheat on me? 💔

Sara pov    
    We were sleeping until there was a knock at the door... It was 8 o'clock... We're they back already? I didn't want to wake Harry so I slid under his hand and went downstairs to answer the door.... IT WAS RAY RAY!!! 
    Hi is Marc here~umm no he went to the water park~sooo what's your name~Sara~hi I'm ray ray~yeah I know I'm a huge fan~cool~so your here alone?~no I'm here with my boyfriend...Harry~oh Harry from one direction~yeah.. Do you know him~well kinda we said hi to each other at the kids choice awards~oh~so why didn't you go to the park with them~oh Harry has a headache~uhh I hate headaches~I know me too~SARA COME PLEASE LOVE..Harry called~OK ILL BE RIGHT THERE HARRY~ill be right back ray~k.
    I went upstairs and Harry was smiling~my headache is gone~yay so what do you want to do~kiss~he grabbed me closer and kissed me I love you Sara~I love you too Harry~Sara I'm the luckiest guy in the world~no i am the luckiest girl~I really do love you~I love you too..umm Harry~yeah sara?~Marc's cousin is downstairs~what's her name~oh it's a boy~oh hell no~what harry?~did he try anything~no Harry~good cuz I would of beaten him up~aww Harry I love you that you care so much. We both went downstairs...
    Oh what's up Harry?~oh hi ray~so your Marc's cousin~yeah~he never talked about you~ really?~yeah I don't know why~someone knocked at the door~it was everybody(Marc Isaac tony David Waldo Dan Niall Lou zayn ally(zayns new gf) Elizabeth and Natalie. Sup guys how was it~it was fun but I would if been better with you and Harry,Natalie said.~so Natalie you wanted Harry there~omg no I'm with Isaac..she started kissing him.~ sup ray~ so I see you met Sara..Marc said trying to start conversation~ yeah she's really nice.. Harry was looking at him~I guess he saw cuz he said
That he didn't mean it like that.
    It was 9 o'clock...and we were bored so we started bumping some music and making some food(mostly for Niall) and just playing some video games.
We decided to play black ops 2 it was funny cuz Waldo kept saying black cocks...lol 
    Ok Sara if I win I can do anything to you,Harry said with a smile on his face~your on styles~ok let's go~we chose our map and our guns and started playing but I paused it and told Harry if I win he has to take me on the most romantic date ever!~he agreed and we kept playing the game was over and I won!~Harry gave me a kiss I guess I have to take you on a date~yes u do!...            Sara your good ray ray told me~thanks ray~I play you Sara~ok but what do I get if I win ray?~umm you get a private concert with mindless behavior~ok~and what do I get Sara~umm you get a slap in the face ha ha just kitting you get a pat on the back for beating the master~ha no I need something better~ like what.. Harry said I just laughed cuz he is soo jealous and I love him so much for that..
   Ummm you have to give me a little peck on the cheek~ok.. Oops I shouldn't have said ok cuz Harry looked pretty mad. I mouthed him sorry... I had my phone right next to me and I heard a beep it was from Harry.. I love you so much Sara..I love you too Harry.. He sent me like 30 kissy faces and I turned around to blow him a kiss he pretended to catch it which made us both laugh.
    Me and Ray chose our gun and our map and started cussing at each other like... "What the fuck Sara how are you winning" and like "bitch when you got it you got it" and stuff like that. We were laughing the hole game... What the fuck how are you winning ray~when you got it you got it~ well ray ray ended up winning.. So when we put the controllers down I gave him a peck on the cheek.. I could feel my cheeks turning red.. It was so awkward.
    It was only me,Harry and Ray who were inside so we went outside with everybody else.
     We sat down to eat some hamburgers. Natalie was between Isaac and David... and zayn was next to Lou and ally...and Waldo was next to tony and Marc and Marc was next to Dan and I was between ray ray and Harry. Liam was still not back from his date with mackayla he really likes her.
Everybody started making small talk. Time flies it was 11 o'clock and everybody ended up in Harry's huge pool. We were all in our bathing suits i was wearing a green 2 peice and natalie was wearing a black 2 peice and eli was wearing a yellow one ally just had a tang top and some shorts and the boys had no shirts on and they borrowed some swimming trunks.
     We were splashing at each other I was in top of Harry's back and Natalie was on top of Isaac's and I had to push her off... And I did wooooo!!! We won suckas!! Harry screamed he was really drunk.. I know we shouldn't be drinking cuz most of us are like 18 or 19 and 20 but since we have no parents or anything we could pretty much do whatever we want to. Anyways Lou went to get more beer cuz it was running out... I don't know why if he was really waisted!
    Well we put the music as high as it could go and yeah the cops came. I thought it was because of the music but no she opened the door to see Lou in the back seat of the cop car~typical Lou.. Harry said~well I caught him in the liquor store completely drunk with no shirt on screaming to stray dogs~yup that's Lou~everybody started laughing~how old are you sir the cop asked him.

Lou pov
    I am 21.. The truth sir..I'm serious!~ok fine but I know their not.. She said pointing to everyone else~cmon..."IT'S OUR PARTY WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT TO! IT'S OUR PARTY WE CAN SAY WHAT WE WANT TO! IT'S OUR PARTY WE CAN LOVE WHO WE WANT TO! WE CAN KISS WHO WE WANT TO WE CAN SEE WHO WE WANT!
TO MY HOME GIRLS HERE WITH THERE BIG BUTTS SHAKING IT LIKE WE'RE IN A STRIP CLUB... All of a sudden Sara and Natalie start twerking wich made me laugh my ass off! And so did Harry and Isaac! The cop told us to stop drinking and put the music down so we did.. Well we put the music down we kept drinking though.

Sara's pov
   It was hallerious when Lou was singing FWI he was singing WE CAN'T STOP by Miley Cyrus. When I was twerking Harry was looking at my ass it was weird I know we're together but I Don't know...
     Well we jumped back in the pool and Harry took me all he way to the corner that's where we started macking on each other our bodies moved in sink as if it was one.. Harry licked my bottom lip to tell him to let him in.. And I let him our tongues were dancing with each others. Harry started to untie the knot of my top part of the bathing suit. When it was about to come off I pulled it back on.~cmon Harry everybody is here they are gonna see~oh yeah~lets go back to my room~no Harry when I'm~yes I know when your nineteen~then why do you keep bugging?~cuz I want you I want you already!~i know I want you too Harry but i said when I'm nineteen~ok fine.. I can't wait~Harry you got issues~oh cmon Sara I know you didn't mean that!~yes I did styles!~he dumped my head under water playfully I told him to get some towels for us so he went inside to go get some... I was swimming twords the edge when all of a sudden I get a cramp on my leg... And it didn't help that I was in 8 ft deep.. I started screaming for Harry but he couldn't hear me he was still inside. My head was like half way under water... So I closed my eyes and held my breath I started kicking like crazy so hopefully someone could see.
  I opened my eyes to see a a shadow jumping into the pool. 
I opened my eyes again to see ray ray screaming at me..."Sara are you ok..are you ok!!!~I didn't answer and I gave him a hug and a kiss in the cheek. Thanks ray I could of drowned. No problem we smiled at each other and started talking. 
    Harry came out with some towels why did it take him so long? Harry what took you so long? Oh I had to pee..why what did I miss love. Me and ray looked at each other. Oh you know Harry I ALMOST DROWNED! What? How?~I got a cramp on my leg.~ well I'm sorry you know I would of saved you right?~yeah I know~so who did was it Dan?~ no it was ray!~thanks ray for saving my babes life we kissed passionately for a little while cuz we remembered that ray was in front if us. Ray was just laughing.. Man you guys really like each other~yeah I'm in love with her.~well I'm in love with you to Harry I gave him a kiss on the cheek and left I went with everybody else ( Marc Dan Natalie Isaac Waldo tony Lou zayn Niall and Eli) they were playing spin the bottle ooh can I play! Yeah sure call Harry and ray ray, Marc said. Ok. HARRY RAY CMON LET'S PLAY~OK BE RIGHT THERE!
    We were all playing spin the bottle but it kinda cold so we went inside to play.

Harry's pov
    Fuck this I got one girl and that's Victoria he pulled me closer and kissed me... I pushed him back.. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY!~I said that you were the only girl for me?~NO U DIDN'T YOU SAID VICTORIA WHO THE HELL IS VICTORIA?!?~what are you talking about~YOU JUST SAID VICTORIA?

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