Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐



Harry's pov
      We were still sitting on the couch
Sara was playing with my hair I was just laughing laughing cuz it looked like she was trying to do a little braid. We finally got off the couch and when we did all of us went outside to do fireworks because it was officially Fourth of July because it was like 12:30am god time flies... we went outside and asked if anyone had a lighter of course zayn had one so we  started lighting them up. We got a huge blanket and everyone laid on top of it and looked up to see all the other fireworks people were doing.
     I turned around to look at Sara and she was looking up at the sky with the wind in her hair.... She looked beautiful.

Marc's pov 
     I wish I was still with her she could have been with me and not Harry... I had to do something. I called Isaac over so we could all play dare or dare  so I told him to dare me to kiss the girl I admired the most and of course I'm gonna kiss Sara and Harry can't get mad because it is a dare.
    So Isaac went back with Natalie to ask everyone if they wanted to play.. Everyone agreed. "Ok who goes first"~~oh ill go first,Lou said ~~"oh my god Lou nothing stupid,Harry said. I berely knew all of them but they were really cool. I wanted to be friends with them but I wanted Sara more. 
      Lou said he wanted to dare Sara~~"ok Sara I dare you to go in the room with ummm let me see.. Lou was looking around.."aha go with Waldo~~"and do what exactly",Harry replied. "Don't worry Harry nothing nasty"Lou said.~~ok so what do I have to do with her,Waldo said from behind me.~~umm you have to go in Harry's room take off her clothes and put on Harry's clothes on her."umm Lou she is not doing that",Harry replied.~~ok"~~then you have to take off Harry's shirt and pinch his four nipples~~"ok"
My pov (Sara's pov)
     I took off Harry's shirt and I saw his abs..."like what you see"~~shut up,I said joking around.~~ok get it over with but don't pinch them hard~~ill try,I said smiling he smiled back..ok here it goes....* PINCH *...
* PINCH *...no I'm not pinching the other two they are special ..wow Sara,Lou replied. I gave Harry a peck on the lips ... We smiled at each other.
     Ok I want to dare Natalie ... I dare you to give David a peck on the lips. David,Isaac,and Natalie looked at me. You have to do it! David smiled at me and mouthed thank you I smiled back. Natalie was leaning over
David she got even closer omg she was blushing I knew it... She still likes him and finally she gave him a peck David was blushing. She opened her eyes to see David smiling and blushing but Isaac called her back he was pretty mad.

Natalie pov
    Ok my turn I dare Niall to go switch clothes with Elizabeth so go in side a room and change each others clothes~~ok...
                (1O min later)
Ok we're back...Niall was wearing Elizabeth's clothes and Eli was wearing nialls they were laughing so hard. 

Niall pov
   Ok I dare zayn to give Natalie a passionate kiss for 5seconds."oh hell no I am not doing that!,Natalie replied.~But you have too!~~no I don't Niall!~~ok fine you have to give Isaac a lap dance!~~ok fine~~she got on top of him and started... Everyone was laughing their asses off~~ I was still wearing Elizabeth's clothes they were really tight cuz she was skinny and small so I asked them if we can go change so Sara told me that we have to change each other. We both started laughing and blushing.
     So we went back in side and started changing. She was just blushing when she saw my six pack. Like what you see?~~shut up you sound like Harry! I started laughing. After a couple of minutes of staring each other and blushing we finally got back to our old clothes. We went out side Marc and Liam and tony and Dan  needed to get dared so Waldo wanted to dare Dan cuz they were like best friends.
Waldo pov(Natalie's brother)
     Ok I dare you too umm lets see I dare you to take your shirt off and run around the block like a dog. So you have to crouch down and bark at people.~~ok fine but I'm cold~~its ok Dan ill make hot chocolate for you, Sara told him...he just smiled I got kinda jealous. I knew Sara for a very long time and I know that she liked me a long time ago too...why did I take so long to tell her?
    Ok Dan took off his shirt and Sara was just laughing and so was Harry.
He crouched down and started barking Sara took out her phone and started recording. Everyone started laughing that asses off. By the time Dan came back he had some scratches.
My pov (Sara)
    Oh my god what happened,I said
hugging him. ~~Some pitbull was following me and I was barking at him and he attacked me, he told me while he was laughing hard.~~omg are you ok?!~~yeah I just need a bandaid~~ok ill get it for you hold on. 

Dan pov 
    Sara was great she was always there for me. I'm starting  to have small feelings for her but I don't want to show it cuz it will ruin our friendship and I don't want problems between Harry and Marc. So yeah she came back and with the band aids and she gave me a hug"I love you Dan..I looked at her with a confused face.. You know in a brotherly way!    

Isaac pov 
    Ok guys lets go back inside but 
before we do let's do one dare~~ok who, Sara replied~~you!~~ok what~~I dare Marc to give you a peck on the lips.. I looked at Harry he looked a little mad ~~ok a dare is a dare just don't enjoy it Marc! He was leaning twords her and they were touching noses omg they were kissing Marc finally got a kiss from her!!! It was sopposed to be a peck but they kept on going. It lasted for like 5 long seconds. They were seperated from Harry. Ok guys that's enough but before Harry got her up Marc wispered something in her ear. Harry and her walked inside they left me and Marc alone. 
   What did you wisper in her ear...~~I told her that I loved her and that I always will then from there Harry took her away but before he did she smiled at me.
My pov
    Omg I kissed Marc I told Dan~~are you serious~~yup and I felt sparks Dan I think I still like him?!~~you can't you are in live with Harry!~~I know but I am so confused what do I do? 
    All of a sudden Liam pulled me to the side "zayn is heart broken"~that is his falt~~I know~~can u tell Natalie if he could have another chance~~no Liam she is with Isaac now and stop worrying about him you  need a girlfriend! 



Ok if you want to be Liam's girlfriend leave a comment and describe yourself.. Ok by plzzz coment favorite and like ok by love you guys!

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