Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


15. A day with friends

My point of view( Sara )
         We were finding seats.We ended up sitting all the way in the back because every one kept crowding around Zayn ...And Natalie doesn't like wen people kick her seat so of course she gets spoiled by zayn so we sat in the back. Zayn loved her but he still hasn't told Natalie that he smoked.. 
Tony pov
          I really liked Sara ... I knew I wasn't gonna get with her because she is with "the famous Harry Styles"but I really like her.                                              
 My pov( Sara)
  After like 10 min of previews the movie finally started... 
              ( hour and a half later)
            The movie ended it was really good I would want to see it again but with Harry ... It was really fun with tony but ... I don't know.Natalie and zayn probably didn't even wach the movie . They were probably kissing the whole time.
      When we left the movie theaters we went out for ice cream we went to the same ice cream parlor that Harry took me, Natalie , and Zayn. Also where Marc and Isaac saw me kissing and hugging Harry . I still think about that day sometimes. Marc hasn't texted me since we ran into him at the beach.
     We entered the ice cream store and ordered our ice cream ... Zayn ordered mint chocolate ... Me and Natalie ordered vanilla and tony ordered strawberry .  
        Well we were done eating our icecream... BEAP!, it was Natalie's phone... It was her brother, mark Anthony ( I know it's confusing cuz my ex is Marc and Tony's real name is Anthony ...) "Nat who was it", zayn said.. "Oh it was my brother,",Natalie replied. Ooh I want to meet him Natalie , zayn said . Tony already knew him they are really good friends...We decided to go back home. When we got their all the lights were off I was scared cuz someone touched my foot it was probably Lou or Harry. I looked down and their was this mini clown I could only see his red yes and his big shoes .. I screamed. Tony immediately grabbed my hand ... Harry turned on the light and he saw me and tony holding hands. I let go right away, hoping he wouldn't see. He gave Anthony a quick look and turned back to me. "we're you scared , love." Harry asked me while coming twords me to give me a hug."YES!!", I replied. "sorry " , he said kissing me on my cheek. I heared tony talking to Natalie so I turned around.., " by , Sara , by Harry I'm gonna go now ." "Ok by tony " , I said while giving him a hug. " By tony " , Harry said .. " I'm sorry for acting like that earlier I was acting stupid I was just jealous." Harry said to tony. Tony smiled and walked out the door. We were all going to go to bed but before we did Natalie anounced that her brother was coming tomorow. Zayn really wanted to meet her brother I don't know why.. After talking to each other in the living room for a while 
We went to sleep.. Well everyone else did me and Harry were on the couch cuddling and zayn and Natalie were in Harry's room.. Lou and Liam were in another room ... I think Niall and Elizabeth were sharing rooms too. Elizabeth and Niall make a cute couple he should just tell her that he likes her already! "Did you like the movie, love?", Harry asked me while yawning."Yeah ", I said smiling. " but I would want to see it with you  .. I think it will be better, I told him. "I'd love to see it with you", he told me while kissing and hugging me .. We were kissing passionately .. I was playing with his hair and he kept carressing my back. After like 30 sec of doing that we finally went to sleep.

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