Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


18. A day at the park

       We were talking for a while I was leaning on Harry's shoulder. " I love you, Sara, Harry told me while kissing me passionately...WHOA?, Dan said get a room! We started laughing. I punched Dan on the arm and all of us started laughing.
   I was sitting between Harry and Dan... He was like a big brother to me. I had my head on Harry's legs and my legs on dans legs,I was basically laying on top of them. I love both of them so much. 
     Anthony was wearing a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans.(he saggs)that is how he got his nickname ..... WALDO! Lou gave it to him. So we call him Waldo now instead of Anthony. ;)

Nialls pov
     Everything was going so good between me and Elizabeth we were having so much fun. We were throwing grapes at each other. We were so perfect for each other. I got up and looked down at her and grabbed her hands to pick her up.. I looked into her eyes and said,"Elizabeth I really like you do you want to be my girlfriend."~~I'd love to ,Niall. I kissed her and I guess they saw because we could hear them saying,"wooo and chow"I was so happy Elizabeth was finally mine.
 Dan pov
    Oh my god, I am so happy to see Sara and Natalie especially Sara because she is like my little sister. I swear if Harry ever does anything to hurt her I am gonna beat his a* *up!
I love her soo much!
My pov(Sara)
     After we were done eating and talking we were just playing with Liam's dog, Loki. He was so cute. We were just running around like little kids having a good time. I loved being with my friends...right then Dan comes from behind and grabs my waist I turned around and he wet me with a water bottle .
     Omg no u didn't Dan ~~oh yes I did~~your going down~~I got a water bottle and through it at Dan but I accidentally hit Liam so Liam got water bottle and wet me but I dunked and he wet Natalie ... And so on. Everyone got wet including Niall and Elizabeth.
      We were packing everything up so we can go back home. Harry took off his shirt and tried to take off all the water."don't stare Natalie", I told her.~~wat I wasn't even staring~~~yeah but u were looking! she started laughing ... " zayn is mine , Sara not Harry, Natalie said. Harry put his shirt back on~~no take it off again,I said sarcastically and laughing. He started laughing.."later"
He said smiling. We both started laughing. We were on are way back home and we saw Isaac with the same girl that he was with at the beach. Dan didn't like Isaac because he broke up with Natalie. Dan would of have beaten him up if he was at the bar with us that day. 
    We finally made it back home. We all took a shower(not all together lol)
After everybody was done we made popcorn and sat down on the couch to see FINDING NEMO....I was between harry and dan i was holding both of their hands i felt so safe.I ended up falling asleep on Dans shoulder.natalie fell asleep on her brothers shoulder. When I woke up Dan and Harry were Looking at me."have a good sleep love",Harry said giving me a peck on the lips.Dan gave me a kiss on my forehead and smiled. I think Harry understood that Dan was like a brother to me but I don't think he liked him kissing me.
He always kissed my head though its not like we were kissing like how me and Harry kissed. Anyways Harry knows I love him and only him.., right?


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