Harry's Love 💔 16+

This story is basically about Sara and Harry.... Along with many friends that they love but they love Sara and that's the prob.... Harry gets jealous until they know that they live each other but does Sara love someone else or is it Harry? There is a lot of ups and downs drama heart breaks...ENJOY PLZZZ COMENT LIKE AND FAV!!��❤⭐


30. A CAR?!?!

My pov(Sara)
      I woke up with Harry's arm on top of me... I started smiling I  turned around to see Harry's eyes closed so I kissed him and he smiled.
    Good morning love, he said kissing me. And then he touched my ass... And I remembered that I was still naked. Oh shit I forgot~it's ok love I am too~we smiled at each other. We turned on the tv and started snuggling I was looking for his hand and I accidentally touched his bee bee gun. He looked down at me and smiled. Harry I didn't do it on purpose!?~uh huh sure~I'm serious!~it's ok~y?~cuz I'm gonna get you~Harry was now on top of me. He was smiling at me and he was looking at the blanket... I guess he tried to tell me that he was going to take the blanket off~no Styles!~yes!~ he through the blanket on the floor. God Sara you have a nice body~shut up Harry and kiss me~ don't mind if I do~he started kissing me and slowly going lower and lower. God Sara I love you~ He got back up to my face and started kissing me... Passionately!

Harry's pov
    I started pushing my body harder against hers~harder!~I pushed even harder...we both fell on the floor. Ow!,she screamed cuz I landed on top of her. Sorry Sara~ it's ok Harry~ I started breathing on her neck and she said it ticked causing me to laugh. 
    There was a knock at the door... It was Lou... He screamed trough the door cuz we didn't open it... IS EVERYTHING OK I HEARED A BIG BANG... He knew what we were doing he just wanted to say something... WE ARE OK LOU YOU CAN LEAVE!!~OK HARRY BUT DON'T DO IT TO HARD!~oh I'm gonna kill him when were done.~ Harry?~yeah?~I'm hungry~ok let's go eat...I opened the door~HARRY!?!!~what?~YOUR NAKED!~I know but the boys are used to me naked~oh ok but are the girls used to you?~oh yeah?~i put some boxers on and a white t~shirt~Harry?~what?~your pants?~uhh fine~I put some pants on.
   Sara changed into some pajamas too she was wearing black shorts with my white t-shirt. But since my shirt was long it looked like she was only wearing my shirt... She looked so cute.
     I opened the door~ Harry are you forgetting something?~I turned around to see her hands up .. She wanted me to carry her so I walked over to her and carried her.

Sara's pov
    Harry walked downstairs with me in his arms smiling. We looked  at Lou he tried not to laugh~Lou why are you laughing~guys I was staying at the room next to yours. Soo?~I heard everything!

Harry's pov 
    Well guys its Sara's birthday today...  I said trying to change the subject. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Everybody screamed. Everybody stayed over night cuz they were to drunk. 
    So who made breakfast?~ umm I don't know?, Lou replied.~ WHAT THERE'S NO BREAKFAST!?, Niall screamed. No, sorry Niall~Ooh ill go to McDonalds with Sara, Ray said.
   Ok you could take her but don't try anything she's mine.~yup you made that clear last night, Lou added~god Lou I'm gonna kill you!

Sara's pov
   They started running around like Tom and Jerry. Everyone started laughing. Ok let's go ray~ k let me get my wallet~ ill meat you outside, by Harry. I gave him a peck in the cheek. Sara your mine ok... Never forget that!~ I smiled at him and we left.
    We were on are way to McDonald's and we just started making small talk. When we got back home I opened the door to see the boyz in tucks and the girls in dresses.~ What's going on?~ the girls were on one side and the boyz were on the other. Dan got my arm like the dads did when their daughters are getting married. At the end of everybody was Harry kneeling on the floor with one knee.~ Sara?~yeah Harry?~ will you..... Drive me to the mall?~ he opened the box  to see some car keys.~ omg god Harry I thought you were gonna propose!~ that's till later!~ we walked outside to see a red corvette with a bow on it~ do you like it Sara?~ um yeah!~ good cuz it's yours!~are you serious Harry?!?!~ yup!~ omg I love you! I jumped on top of him and kissed every part of his face. 
    Maybe you could tell me thank you in a different way?~ maybe...~ omg Harry thank u!~ your welcome Sara I wanted you to have a nice present~ but Harry your the best gift I ever got?~ aww Sara I love you!~ I love you too.

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