Sweet Dreams

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8. Chapter 8

  I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face of which I had many reasons for.

 1. It's Friday!:)

 2. I'm going shopping after school with one of my besties Sarah!

 and last but most DEFINITELY not least.


 Ok Sam. Calm down. Breathe. Uhh, I can't help it! I've finally done it! I'm dating possibly the love of my life and best friend, Harry!

 "Sam are you up? You need to get ready for school. I'm off to work and I need you to babysit Kloie when she gets home from school." my mom said while knocking on my door.

 Shit. I almost forgot I had school by all this excitement. "Yeah I'm up, but I'm supposed to go to the mall today after school with Sarah, remember? Can't Kloie stay home by herself? I did when I was her age." I asked hoping to get a break.

 "Well... I suppose... Just have her call you every hour and don't be out too long. Ok?"

 "Ok, Thank you. Have fuuun at work, Love youuu!"

 "Love you too!" she laughed.

 I got up off my bed and decided to get ready. I picked out some jean shorts to wear. I'm usually not one to wear shorts, but its almost summer and its way too hot to wear jeans like I normally do. After that I picked out a floral tank-top to go over my normal white tank top. I looked in the mirror. Good lord I have bad bed head today! I jogged to my bathroom in search for my brush and ran it through my thick curly hair. Next I pulled out my straightener. While I waited for it to heat up I washed off my face and applied a little bit of mascara and lip gloss. As I layered my hair for my flat iron my phone started to buzz. I checked my phone and saw I had a new message from Harry.

 From: Hazza<3 - Good morning Beautiful:) I'm on my way over to take you to school, that means you better be up sleepy head!;)

 I blushed as I saw the words beautiful. How the heck do I respond? I ran my fingers across the keyboard as I texted him back.

 To: Hazza<3 - Morning handsome:) and yes I'm up, I'm not alwayyys late for school silly;) see you soon!<3

 I smiled as I sent him the text. I don't know why but I still get stumbled on what to say in front of him from time to time. You'd think I'd be used to it, seeing that we have been best friends for so long now, but noooo. I can't help it. Just then my straightener beeped. Time to tame the beast!

 As I ran my straightener through the last of my hair I heard someone at the front door. Then my phone buzzed once more.

 From: Hazza<3 - Haha ooook whatever you say;)  I'm at the door waiting for you.

 I unplugged my flat iron and ran the brush through my long brown hair for the last time. I walked out of my bathroom. I grabbed my book-bag as I slid my phone into my back pocket. I put on my brown sandals and headed down stairs.

  When I got down there I saw Harry leaning against the front door.

 "You ready to go love?" he asked as he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

 I looked down and smiled. "Yeah"

 I started to open the door and walk out but was stopped. I tugged a little on Harry's hand, then turned around, seeing that he wasn't moving a budge.

 "What's wrong?" I asked. He leaned in close and kissed me on the lips, then smiled.

 "I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are before we left." he whispered in my ear. I smiled then leaned in closer for another kiss.

 "And I just wanted to tell you how beautifully late we are gonna be if you keep this up" I giggled and gave him a wink as I started heading out the door. When we got settled in his Land Rover I decided to turn on the radio, I just love music! Harry and I quickly turned our heads toward each other as we realized what song was playing. He gave me an evil grin as he started to sing along, each time getting purposely higher and higher off key.

 "Harry please!" I laughed.

 "You know you want to toooo!" He said quickly before returning back to the lyrics. Pausing dramatically with each syllable.

 "If. I. could. fall. in.to. the. sky. Do you. think. time. would pass me byyy?! Ohhhh!  'Cause you know I'd walk a thou.sand. miles If I could just. see. youuu. TONIGHHT!" He sang driving down the street while we laughed at the strange looks we would get.

 "It's always times like these when I think of you, And I wonder if you ever think of mee 'Cause every thing's so wrong and I don't belong Living in your precious mem.or.ryyyy." I sang. 

 "Louder Samz!!!" He laughed as he rolled down the windows, feeling the warm summer breeze swim through my newly straightened hair.

 I laughed as I remember the first time he sang this to me. He was still in the X-factor at the time and it was late at night. I couldn't sleep so I decided to call him.


 "Hey Sam, you know I love you and all, but you do realize how late it is right??" He laughed sleepily. "Whats wrong?"

 "Your almost always busy in the day and I wanted to talk to my bestie!" I pouted.

 "I'm sorry, I'll try and text you more. You should get to sleep though, don't you have exams tomorrow?"

 "Yeah, and I know you need your rest for tomorrow's performance, and I'm sorry, I just wanted to hear how everything was going. By the way, you did amazing the other night! We are all rooting for you down here." I smiled.

 He laughed. " I'll save the stories for when I get home, don't worry I won't forget any details. But you need to sleep! Tell everyone I miss them!"

 "Harry wait!" I shouted before he could hang up.

 "Yeeeessss?" He replied.

 "Will you sing to me? I'm having trouble sleeping again."

 "Goooood nighhht..." I could sense him smirking.

 "Pretty pleaseee??" I asked puffing out my bottom lip even though he couldn't see me.

 He pretended to sigh. "Your gonna regret this." He laughed as he sang the same song in the same off key voice. He got louder and louder with each key.

 "Ok Harry you win!" I shouted. "You should save your voice for tomorrow." I laughed.

 "Told you" He laughed. I could feel him yet again showing of that signature smirk.

 "Good night Hazz." I smiled.

 "Good night Sam."

      *End of Flashback*

 "Why are you always so happy?" He laughed bringing me back to reality.  

 "Huh?" Realizing I had a dumb little smile sill planted on my face. I giggled a little. "Oh"

 "Sooo??" He smirked. I turned to look towards him and was caught by his emerald eyes staring deeply into my eyes as the car came to a stop. I'm guessing we are here already? I smiled again.

 "Harry, you're the reason for the smile on my face."

 As I spoke I could see his smirk fad then just as quickly replaced by a smile. He leaned in close to me. I closed my eyes but was shocked by his actions. He kissed me. On the forehead. Even though it was just the forehead I felt like my heart was about to melt at his touch, giving me the feeling that he really did care for me.

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