Sweet Dreams

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on Movellas.com


3. Chapter 3

 " Hey, over here!" I hear Harry say as I walk into detention.

  I smile as I walked towards him and sat down in the desk across from him.

 "So, what are ya in for?" I asked.

 He laughed. "I was late for third hour."

 "I was late too." I giggled.

  Just then our detention teacher walked in and told us to quiet down.

  "Hello, as you all may know my name is Mrs.Gape, and I will be your detention teacher for this evening. In detention you are not allowed to be on your phones or up moving around. At this time it is best if you do some homework that you have from today. If you don't have homework you may quietly talk to your neighbors. If you are too loud after one warning you get another detention day. Everyone understand?"

 "Yes, Mrs. Gape."  everyone mumbled.

 "Good, thank you. You may all leave when I have dismissed you at 4:00."

  With that being said everyone started talking at a low whisper. 

 "Hey, I'm having a movie night tonight with the boys at my house. You interested? " Harry whispered to me.

 "Sure what time?"

 "Around seven."

 "Ok, I'll be there."

 "Great."  he smiled and started at his history work.

  I don't usually have homework so I decided to read a book I got from the library instead. After about five minutes I was zoned out in my book. I couldn't help it, I loved to read. Ten more minutes went by before I felt someone breathing down my neck.

 "Watcha reading? " they asked suddenly.

 "Ahhhh!! " I screamed.

  I looked up and saw Mrs. Gape glaring at me with her finger up to her lips. Sorry I mouthed as I felt a light shade of pink turn on my cheeks. I turned around around and saw Zayn sitting behind me trying to keep in his laughter. 

 " It's not funny! " I said my cheeks still flushed with pink.

 " Haha, you didn't answer my question." he said.

 "Uhh, Beastly, from the library."

 "Oh cool. So I hear you're coming to Harry's tonight?" he asked with a smirk.

 "Yeah."  I said as i started to continue reading my book.

  About thirty more minutes pass before I hear Mrs. Gape speak  up, "Ok. It's 4:00 you all are dismissed."

  Thank God. I say to myself as I walk out the door.

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