Sweet Dreams

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18. Chapter 18

 I walked over to my closet with my towel still wrapped around my body. I pulled out a matching pair of pink underwear and slid them on under my towel. Since Harry was still in the bathroom, I went ahead and let my towel loose as I looked for some clothes. I picked out a black 'will run for food' sweatshirt and grey cotton shorts. I slipped on the sweatshirt and was about to pull on the shorts when Harry came in. I paused for a moment then continued sliding on my soft shorts. I wasn't in the mood for complaining right now. I walked past Harry and back towards the bathroom where I took out my contacts and grabbed my glasses.

 I walked back into my room and saw Harry setting up a movie on the television. I walked over to my bed and curled up into the blankets. I set my glasses on my night stand then snuggled deeper into the cool blankets 

 "Aww you must be pretty upset." Harry sighed laying on the bed next to me. "The movie hasn't even started yet." he whispered, wrapped his arm around my waist and bringing me closer to him. I could feel his chest slowly rising and falling against my back. 

 "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it baby?" He whispered softly against my ear.

 "Yeah." I whispered back.

 "It wasn't your fault, you know."

 "Yeah, but... I just... I feel like I can't be myself anymore." I said slowly while playing with Harry's hand laying across my stomach.

 "I'm sorry this happened to you Samantha." He sighed snuggling his head in the nip of my neck. I felt my neck go damp, and I immediately felt 10 times sadder. I don't like seeing him cry.

 "It's fine. It could have been worse." I sighed trying to make him feel better. "It just breaks my heart to think about the other people that had to go through worse."

 "Hey, It's ok. Alright sweetheart? It'll be ok." Harry soothed as he watched our hands intertwine together. 

 I turned around and faced him. I bit my lip and a tear escaped my right eye. I snuggled into Harry's chest and he embraced me in a warm hug. The room had been dead silent, other than our soft voices commenting back and forth. "You don't understand." I paused. "I want you, but I can't have you. I just about got raped, and all I can think about is you." 

 "Of course you can have me. I'm all yours, I always will be. It's completely ok to feel this way. It's actually a good thing, it means your moving on."

 I sighed. I guess he has a point.

 "If it makes you feel any better, I can't stop thinking about you." He looked into my eyes and bit his lip. "Promise me something?" He asked.


 "Promise me you'll come to me if you ever need someone there for you. Because God knows I will always be there for you. Even if a week or two passes, and you absolutely hate me, promise me I'll be the first person you call."

 "Oh you know I could never be mad at you."

 "But can you keep your promise? Please." He pleaded.

 "Only if you promise to do the same for me." I looked into his eyes.

 "Deal." He smiled.

 "Pinky promise?" I asked.

 "Pinky promise." He smirked wrapping our pinkies together.

 After that we played the movie and snuggled up to each other. I think I can actually start to move on without feeling bad about it. I'm really happy I have Harry in my life, I don't know what I would do without him. I felt Harry grasp my hand gently. I really hope he feels how I feel about him.


So sorry for the short chappie! I promise I'll be updating again tonight though! .x

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