Sweet Dreams

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on Movellas.com


15. Chapter 15

  "Oh my gosh look! Wet Seal is having a sale! Come on Sam, we have to check it out!" Sarah exclaimed as she ran toward her favorite store in the mall, dragging me with her.

 "Ok, calm your horses." I laughed. She reminds me of a little kid on Christmas.

 "Let's start over here." She said on her way over to a rack of clothes. "Aww, this would look sooo cute on you!" She said holding up a pale pink lacy dress. "You have to get it!"

 "I don't know... what would I wear it for?" I asked hesitantly. There was no doubt I wanted this dress, its gorgeous,  but I would need a reason to get it something like this.

 "I'm sure you can wear it to plenty of places." She said. A grin took over her face and she started jumping up and down. "You can go on a date with Harry!!" She exclaimed.

 I smiled. "How about a double date, with you know whoo." I teased. She got more excited.

 "Ok you can wear this, now help me find one." She laughed handing me the dress.

 "Alright." I laughed as I looked around.

 "How about this one?" I smiled as I held up a similar blue lacy dress.

 "It's perfect!" she squealed as she examined the dress. I laughed.

 "I'm glad you like it. I think Liam will too." I winked. "Speaking of which, aren't we supposed to be meeting them in the food court soon?" I asked.

 "Yeah, we should probably start heading over there." She said as she walked toward the cashier.

 "Wow, this was probably one of the easiest days of shopping. It usually takes me forever to pick out stuff to get, if I ever get anything." I laughed as I set my dress on the counter.

 "I know right?" Sarah laughed.

 "Thank you." I said to the cashier as we headed to the door. "So where are we going to meet them exactly?"

 "I don't know, they just said somewhere in the middle." Sarah replied.

 "Sounds good to me." I said as I made my way through the crowd of people. "How about here?" I asked gesturing to almost the last table left in the crowded food court.

 "Yeah this should be fine." She said sitting down next to a group of hooded people. She gave me a worried look as if she was sitting next to a group of convicts. "Sooo, where do you think the boys are?" She asked trying to lighten the mood.

 "I'm not sure. Maybe their doing some shopping of their own or something." I stated.

 "You come here often babe?" One of the hooded guys whispered close to me. What the fuck? Who does this guy think he is? I elbowed him in the gut.

 "Oww. What was that for?" He choked.

 "I have a boyfriend you jerk, and don't call me babe." I said standing up.

 "Relax babe its me." He laughed as he pulled back part of his hood revealing his face.

 "What the fuck Harry, what was that for? You freaked me out." I said as I lightly smacked him in the arm.

 "Haha we got you good didn't we?" He chuckled.

 "Shut up." I said as I sat back down. "So what's up with the hoods?" I asked looking around to the rest of the group.

 "We got recognized so we settled for a disguise, you like?" Niall asked. I nodded my head slightly.

 "A bit scary at first, but sure." Sarah laughed.

 "So what did you girls get?" Liam asked looking at Sarah.

 "It's a surprise." Sarah giggled as she looked at me.

 "I like surprises." Harry winked at me.

 I nudged him. "Not that kind of surprise." I whispered.

 "What do you say we all go to the beach next weekend? We can rent a beach house." Sarah said.

 "Yes that exactly what we need!" Louis shouted almost.

 "Don't get too excited." Zayn laughed.

 "Sorry, I just can't wait for summer, its my favorite season." He replied.

 "So what do you guys say we head back home?" Liam suggested.

 "Oh how about a movie at my place?" I asked.

 Everyone stood and nodded in agreement. "Sure, what time do you want us to come over?" Sarah asked.

 "Maybe you guys can come back around eight if you want."

 "Sounds good." She nodded.

 "Ok, so where did we park again?" Niall asked.

 "I think its that way." Louis pointed.

 "No, I'm pretty sure its that way." Zayn said pointing in the opposite direction.

 "It's right in front of you guys." Harry laughed.

 "Yeah, we knew that." Zayn huffed.

 "Whatever losers." Liam laughed as he walked towards the drivers side. Everyone squeezed in the small SUV. "One of you is probably going to have to share a seat again, sense one of the buckles doesn't work." Liam said.

 "Sorry I forgot. I can trade one of you seats, so Sam and I can share again, if you want." Sarah said as she unbuckled herself from the passenger seat.

 "No its ok. I'll share with her." Harry said.

 "Are you sure?" Sarah asked.

 "Yeah." he said as he smiled toward me. Shit.

 "Suit yourself." Sarah laughed as she re-buckled.

 Harry grabbed my hand as he ushered me between Niall and himself. He stretched his arm around me as he fidgeted with the buckle. I could feel his warm breath against my neck. I bit my lip. Shit. 

 "Here let me help you." I fumbling my hands toward the other end of the buckle. 'Click!'

 "Thanks." he smirked.

 "Anytime." I stuttered.

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