Sweet Dreams

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12. Chapter 12

  A few seconds later the police came and handcuffed Mr.Hyde.

  "Excuse me. Miss Jones?" A police officer asked.


  "Hello, I'm Officer Loyd." He said shaking my hand. "If its alright with you guys we would like for you two to come down to the station and tell us just exactly what happened."

  "Of course." I looked over at Harry, and he nodded his head.

  "Ok, great. Thanks for cooperating. You can follow our police cars down there if you'd like, but we are going to have to have a parent or guardian there with you."

  "I was just about to call my mom anyways. I might be able to have her meet us there." I said.

  "Ok, just know that we can't talk until she gets there. Now if you are going to press charges, I might suggest you get a lawyer just in case."

  "Ok. Thank you."

  "Of course, it's my job." he smiled before he walked away to talk to another police officer. I thanked Harry one last time before I pulled out my phone and dialed my mom's number. 

 "Hey mom its me, call me back when you get this. Its really important. love you." I said into the answering machine. I sighed. Typical.  A few minutes later I got a call back.

  "Mom?" I asked.

  "Yeah its me. What is so important?! I can't just take a break from work to talk on the phone all day you know?" She said coldly.

  "Mom I-" I started.

  "You know what never mind. I'm too busy for this. It can wait till I get home."

  "Mom! Please listen!" I shouted about to tear up again. No Sam you have cried way too much today. Stay strong. "I need you to come down to the police station near Greenford. I promise I didn-"

  "What the hell Sam?!? First it's detention and now jail?!?" She shouted.

  "Mom! Trust me when I say this! I didn't do anything wrong! I was." I paused. "sexually. assaulted. They are taking the guy to jail but they just need us to come by and tell them exactly what happened so they can file and press charges. They need a parent there for us to do that."

  I can't believe I just told her that. So embarrassing. How hard must it be for the people that actually DO get raped. Just the thought of it makes me upset.

  "Mom? You there?" I asked.

  "Sam I'm sorry. I'll come as soon as I can. We can talk about it afterwards if you want. I love you sooo much sweety." She wept.

  I sighed. "It's ok mom, you didn't know. But I'd rather not talk about it if that's ok."

  She sighed "Ok, but I will have to know sooner or later."

  "I know and you will I promise. Just not today ok? Not anytime soon."

  "Ok. I have to finish my paperwork then i'll drive over. It should only take about ten more minutes to finish the rest. Love you."

  "Love you too.And do you think you could bring me a t-shit from home or something?" I asked.

  "Sure honey. Ok Bye." 

  "Bye." I said as I hung up.

  "You ready?" I sighed to Harry.

  "Yeah, lets go. The sooner we get this over with the better, right?"

  I faked a smile. "Right."


  After we got everything in place we set a court date for next Sunday. I decided to ride home with my mom since Harry was allowed to leave early. He said he would wait for me, but it was already 11:00 and I knew he was tired, so I told him I would text him in the morning.

  As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom to get ready for a shower. Taking showers always helps me relax or just think. When I walked into then bathroom, I found it very hard to undress. As I did I felt as if he was right there watching me. Touching me. I felt so exposed.

  I stepped into the shower and noticed something between my legs. There were large bruises were he had placed his hands on the insides on my thighs. I quickly looked at my wrists. Sure enough there were bruises there too. I touched my left wrist and winced. Why didn't it hurt like this before? I sat down while the water sprinkled over me. I could never imagine something like this happening to me. I know I've said it a million times already, but I am so thankful Harry came in just in time. I don't know what I would have done if that bastard would have had his way.

  My throat soon started to hurt, and I could feel what was happening. I leaned my head against the shower wall as the tears slowly streamed down my face. I feel so used. I sat there for a while longer until Someone knocked on the door signaling me to get out. I slowly got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I opened the door and saw Kloie standing there doing a slight 'pee pee dance'. She stopped and looked at me then frowned. "Sam? Are you ok?" she asked. I nodded my head and continued towards my bedroom.

  I got dressed and laid down on my bed. I just feel so useless. I hope this feeling goes away, because I hate it. I'll get over soon enough, I just have to forget. I felt my eyes slowly getting heavier and pretty soon I was fast asleep.



Sorry everything seems so depressing right now. I felt sad myself writing this, it will get happier in the next chapter, I promise! I just had to put some feeling into it. I couldn't just say "I was really sad but I forgot about it and became happy again." you get what I mean? I don't know. I just felt like this was a tough subject and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Anyways... Thanks for reading so far! And yet again, I promise it gets better! .xx

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