Sweet Dreams

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on Movellas.com


1. Chapter 1

"HARRY STOP!   PUT ME DOWN! "  I screamed.

"Make me." he smirked.

"Maybe I will." I said over his shoulder trying not to giggle.

  But he heard me and tossed me on the couch, I could feel him getting closer. I looked up and saw that he had a sly grin planted on his face. I knew what he was going to do so I backed up until I was stopped by the arm of the couch.

"Harry no!"  I laughed. But it was to late. He was leaning over me and tickling my belly. I screamed. 

"HARRY PLEASE! " I couldn't control my laughter.

"I said, make me." he laughed. 

  Harry and I have known each other for years. It was only a matter of time before I had to tell him how I really feel about him, but I know he'd never feel the same way, and I didn't want to ruin our friendship, so I kept it to myself. We met in elementary school and have been best friends ever since. It almost broke my heart to see him leave for the X-factor even though I knew he was coming back. I was really happy for him. He used to be scared to sing in front of people, but now he's not scared one bit. He now sings in one of the most famous boy bands in America, One Direction. He has girls falling head over heels for his angelic voice, cute dimples, and his thick curly hair. Oh his curls, how I wished I could run my fingers through them as we ki-

"Sam!" he said, bringing me back to reality.

"Umm, Huh?"  I said trying to keep my cool, obviously failing.

"Man, sometimes I wonder what goes one in that pretty little head of yours." he laughed while getting up.

"I wonder the same thing." I whispered to myself, also getting up.

"So what do u wanna eat? " his voice trailing off into the kitchen.

"How about a sandwich? " I asked following him.

" Perfect! Make it woman! " he shouted while tossing me the bread and running away.

  I rolled my eyes.  "Whatever."  When he came back and saw the two sandwiches made on the table he laughed.

"You know I was kidding right? " he said while picking up a sandwich.

  "Yeah, you can make your own, these are mine. " I said while grabbing the sandwich out of his hand and taking a bite trying to keep my poker face. He laughed and grabbed the other sandwich.

   I sat there peacefully eating my sandwich until I looked up at him and saw he was making a face at me. I stuck my tongue out and he laughed. I giggled and looked back down and continued eating. Not long after a felt something hit my face. I looked up once again and saw he was laughing hysterically. Oh no. Payback. I stood up and tried to look angry, it obviously worked because he stopped laughing and guilt took over his face. I slowly walked towards the bathroom and quietly grabbed the mustard on my way out. I looked in the bathroom mirror and tried not to laugh. I had turkey meat hanging from my hair and a little bit of mayo on my face. He knocked on the door.

 "Sam are you ok? I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you upset."  he said with a sad tone in his voice.

   I slowly opened the door to see him standing there staring at the ground. I almost felt bad about doing this, but I couldn't help it, I'm a girl of sweet revenge. I opened the mustard cap and he looked up almost instantly after hearing the familiar sound. I smiled as I squirted the mustard into his luscious curls. His lips formed in an 'O' as he realized what I had done. I laughed as I pushed past him, and started to run.

"Oh, no! Nobody gets away while messing with 'The Styles'." he shouted as he ran after me.

  He was a fast runner so he was inches away from me quickly. I screamed and tried to move faster but stubbed my toe on the coffee table and fell over. Harry then stumbled over me and fell to the floor next to me. We both laughed in unison after looking at each other. It had been a perfect day. I didn't ever want it to end. And then I thought.

 "Harry what time is it?"

 "Almost 5 o'clock, why?" he replied.

 "Ughh."  I said getting up quickly. "I have to go watch my sister, she should be home from school by now."

   My dad left us when I was four, and my mom almost always has to work to support me and my sister. I am now 18 and enjoying my last year of high school. Well maybe not as much considering I'm stuck babysitting my 13 year old sister. She is almost 14 now, thank god, and will finally be able to stay home by herself every once in while, but for now I was stuck. I'm just glad I don't have to pick her up at school and she rides the bus home. Don't get me wrong, I love my little sister to death. It's just that I get kind of tired of always being so limited as to what I can do because I had to watch her. Of course its not her fault, and she is always so nice and isn't really considered an annoying little sister as most would say about theirs. She is understanding about the fact that I try my best to take care of her, and I loved her for that.

 "Oh ok. Well I'll see you tomorrow at school then?" he said while sitting up.

 "Ok, and sorry about the mess." I said looking down at the small mustard stain on the floor that dripped off his face.

 "It's ok." he laughed.

 "Ok." I smiled. "Bye Haz!"  I said walking towards the door.

 "Bye Samz!!" he yelled as I opened the door and laughed.

  I wish he knew.

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