I Do -One Direction (15+)

Yes, it's the girl who broke his heart. But he moved on. There is a reason why I left him standing alone, but I could not bring myself to do it? But the question is, do I still love him? Can I go on? Would it be weird if we stay friends? I still loe her, but did she moved on? What will happen if we meet again? Will I ever win her over again,

A big question is about, can lost love be found? Or will she get in the way?


5. Liam



                                                                    Chapter Five:     




I might have been a little too hard on her. No you weren't she broke your heart.  I sigh walking towards an outdoor bench in front of the mall watching Emma drive away. I run my fingers through my hair and sigh once again. 

I see an Apple-bee's napkin peaking out of the trash can I smile remembering how we first met.


I was sitting in a Apple-bee's when she walked came to my table. 

"Hi." I inquire confused as the girl stood in-front of me.

"What the fuck? Don't Hi me...Do you not see that this seat was taken?" She spatted, looking at with me with so much anger in her eyes.

Somehow a smile crept on my face. "Oh look, if it isn't the princess...Emmaline is it?"

She sits down across from me replying with "Yes, and you're the Jackass from that band...One Erection is it?" She smirked, making me nearly choke on my own spit. "Did I say anything wrong?" She utters innocently.

"It's One Direction Bitch." She looked taken back at my sudden outburst, before a slow smile crept on her face.

"Ooh someone is PMising." She laughs lightly, and Deep down I find that cute, but am not going to admit that. "You can either leave or I'll make you." She threatened.

I Leaned closer, both our face close to each other. "And how are you going to do that?" I reply knowing she would need no further explanation.

She smiles looking down in my eyes "Happy Monday." She replied deviously, as a cold drink fell upon me.

"You Fucking Bitch"  I growled only to make her laugh harder.

"Now if you don't mind, am waiting for my date." she straightens her clothes looking at the entrance. I growled at her, only to be interrupted with our phones ringing, at the same time we groaned.

"Hello" I answered the phone, as our manager's assistant kept rambling about the date, and how were suppose to be the 'IT' couple so we can get more public attention.

"Okay Bye" I groaned, slamming my phone down on the table.

"What crawled up your pants and died?" Her voice broke me away from my thoughts. I simply rolled my eyes; ignoring her comment. "Where the fuck is this guy? Were suppose to be on a fucking date." She suddenly bellowed, causing a few people to stare. Her actions got my attention.

"I know right? My date is not here yet either. She's suppose to be this new artist who needs to get attention from the public's eye---" Her face suddenly widen, making me stop talking.

"You're the guy?" She suddenly gasped, earning a confusion look from me. Suddenly my eyes were as wide as a fish bowl. At the same we began to yell. "No No No No."

                                                          -End Of Flash-back-

   I leaned my head on the bench, as the memories flow in. What did I do wrong that made her run away from me? Did I Push her too much? Did I not make her happy? What-

"Oh there you are Liam?" Danielle and Eleanor's voice boomed, making me snapped my head towards them. A little too fast.

"Sorry I ran out like that babe." I utter; squinting my eyes due to the sun, as I pull her on my lap.

"It's alright, I understand..." She utters kissing my cheeks, but I knew she wasn't okay with it.

"I promise I'll make it up to you." I smile brightly at her to make her feel better. She beamed a smile at me, before placing a light peck on my lips. Danielle is amazing, but she doesn't compare to Emmaline. 'Gosh Liam you have to let her go, you sound like a love sick puppy' What a nice conscience aye?

"Okay." She replied, just as Eleanor began speaking.

"Am sorry Liam, I should have told you guys about Emmaline, but-"

"How could you? I thought we were friends El? What do you think Louis is going to say when I tell him about this?" Her faces was as red as a tomato.

"You have no right to do."

"I have every fucking dam right to do it. You betrayed me, you betray all of us. How could you?"

"Liam, Babe calm down." Danielle try to soothed me out, but I was already breathing hard.

"I didn't betray you. The last time I talked to her was when she ran away on you on you're wedding day, and her friend Joey manage to find me, since I was closer to her than anything. He kept in contact with me and when he knew we was coming to America he called me, just today, to help Emma out of her little funk."

"What funk?"

"It's not my place to tell." She bellowed, hands balled into a fist.

"Yes it is...It's about me isn't?"

"Bye Liam..." She growled walking away. That's when we notice the crowd and paparazzi. Oh just fucking great; when will I get a break? "Oh and if you're still coming to Emmaline's surprise birthday bash, let me know, The guys are going to be their; and am sure Danielle wants to go too." She called; storming away. Ignoring the calls and the question being bombard at her.

"Are you okay?" Dani's voice rang, cupping my cheeks in hers.

"I'm fine." I spatted. My actions made her jump lightly, but she didn't protest. Oh gosh am such a bad person.


  Life is not fear to me.


Authors Note: Okay so what do you guys think so far? 

1: What do you think is going to happen with Liam and Emmaline?

2: Is Danielle going to get along with Emmaline?

3: Should Eleanor hate Danielle or Like her?

4: How do you think the boys are going to feel, when they see Emmaline again?

5: Do you have any clue or idea of how you picture the next chapter?

6: How do you picture Emma and the rest of the gang meet again?

7: What do you think of Joey and Emma's friendship?

8: Should their be a guy in the next few chapters?

9: Will the boys get mad at Eleanor for keeping in contact with Emma and not telling them?

10: What do YOU want to happen in the next chapters.?

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