I Do -One Direction (15+)

Yes, it's the girl who broke his heart. But he moved on. There is a reason why I left him standing alone, but I could not bring myself to do it? But the question is, do I still love him? Can I go on? Would it be weird if we stay friends? I still loe her, but did she moved on? What will happen if we meet again? Will I ever win her over again,

A big question is about, can lost love be found? Or will she get in the way?


3. Liam


                                                                      Chapter Three:

                                                                        Awkward Meetings                                                                                                          


        Did I just said 'Yes'? Oh this is so not good. I can't still love Emmaline, she broke my heart, she freaking shattered them, and never even had the guts to tell me why?

  I ran my hands through my hair thoroughly, pacing back and forth. Danielle is going to be pissed. I just told the world that I still love the girl who crushed my heart. The one I thought I would spend my entire time with, the one that makes me smile just by looking at her, the one that's always--

  "Mate are you alright?" Louis voiced boomed, interrupting me from my thoughts. I was kind of glad he did, but there's that part of me that just want to keep thinking about her. To think the girl that left me on the alter, am still truly madly deeply in love with. Even I can't deny it. She had that effect on me, and I know it's never going to go away. "Liam." Louis called again, but my mind is traveling back to my thoughts. I like Danielle alot. 'See you didn't say love?' My conscience stated, making me groan. Do I love Danielle? I don't know...She knows about the Emmaline incident, and how I talk so much about her, but she never brings it up.  But I can see it in her eyes, she was sometimes annoyed by it, but I could never confront her about it. "Liam." Louis bellowed sternly, shooting my eyes that I didn't even know were close open.

   I notice the rest of the lads were standing behind him, with a worried expression. I looked at all of them before turning my gaze back to Lou. "Wait...W-what?" I stuttered. My lower lip in between my teeth, with my eyes squinted just a bit. They rolled their eyes before Zayn spoke up.

"He said are you alright?" I raise my eyebrows at his question, but quickly released them, when I figured out what they are talking about. "You know back there---at the interview." He utters in a monotone voice, and instantly I rolled my eyes.

"Am fine..." I spatted coldly, not only surprising myself but them. Then again I've been acting this way for many years, so they should have gotten use to it by now. "I'll meet you guys back at the flat, I just need some fresh air." I spoke, turning around before they get any word out.

   I walk faster towards the exit door, hearing piercing screams from the door as I got closer. Pushing the doors open, the screams and the flashes were wild, while questions about earlier were thrown at me. I ignored them and did my best and pushed past them. They will never leave us alone, will they? All a boy wants to have a day with no interruptions.

     Hours and Hours of walking, I finally decided to call Danielle. She at least deserve to hear it from me before she sees it aired on the television. "Hey babe." She cooed, noises echoed in the background.

"Hey...Uh so where are you?" I inquire awkwardly, almost reaching the large building of the mall.

"At the mall...Where are you?"

"I was actually thinking about coming there...Mind if I meet you there, I have something to tell you." I sounded like I had no voice or whatsoever.

"Oh okay great, and is it something I should worry about?" I can hear the sound of her voice crack just a little, but I pretend to not notice.

"Not really...Don't worry am not breaking up with you, but it is important." I Hear a sigh release from the other line, as I waited for her to speak.

"Okay see soon." With that she hanged up, and I walk through the crowd of people, Ignoring the squeals and whisper that came out of the passers.

   "Hey." She greeted, placing a light kiss on my cheek, before turning to the clothes rack. "So what did you want to talk about?" She inquires, holding out a yellow shirt out.

"Uh...You know how we went to the interview..."She nodded slowly, even though her back was still turned away from me. "Well there was a question that caught me off guard..." I stopped talking, looking at her expression through the little mirror. "She asked if I was still in love with Emmaline and..."

"And what Liam?" She inquires impatiently. I took a deep breathe, before proceeding.

"And I told her yes...It was off guard, so it just came out." I rushed, waiting for her to say something.

"So you don't love her?" Was totally not expecting that. I sighed, running my hands through my hair. When I didn't answer she sighed. "I get it Liam, it's hard to forget your first love, and personally I thought you guys look great. I always wanted the love you both had..." She laughs lightly, making me smile. "But I know I would never have that with you."

  I lent my forehead on her, my large palms caressing her cheeks. "Thanks for understanding love..." I utter, placing my lips unto hers. "Now forget all that happen, and lets shop." I utter cheekily, as she giggle against my chest. 

  We spent another half an hour going and coming from different stores in the mall, with cameras flashes and girls screaming at our tail; But we still manage to drown them out and have fun. Currently we are at build a bear. Danielle's idea, not mine. But then again, you are never too old to have a stuff animals. I watch carefully as she stuffed the animals, and picked different type of things for the bear. Boys and Girls were running around the store, while their parents try to get their attention. I chuckled thinking someday that will be me.

  Waiting for Danielle to finish, I spotted Eleanor. With my eyebrows raised, I walk up to her; tapping her shoulders lightly to get her attention.

"Liam." She gasped, with wide eyes and I can see her chest rising and falling faster. "W-what are y-you do-doing here?" She stuttered, only making me suspicious.

"What are you doing here?" I inquire turning the question around. She suddenly straighten up, squinting her eyes in the process.

"I ask you first..." She growled.

"And I ask you second..." She gave me that 'dumb' look, but I didn't care. She's suppose to be with Louis, please tell me she's not cheating on him. I know it's bad to come to that conclusion, but can you blame me? I'm just looking out for my best-friend.  Just when she's about to spoke, a girl turned around from behind her, and face El.

"Eleanor, that little boy was so cute, I really wish I had a kid...Ugh! he so sweet, I even made plans with his mom. Yeah Yeah I know it's terrible, but turns out she's a fan of my music, so you can't say it's a bad idea. Anyways you ready to go---" I stood there shocked.

  It's her...It's her...It's her. I heard her voice on the Radio, saw a news about her, and now were standing in the same room, breathing the same air. They say when you see the same things three times, then it most be faith. Eleanor slightly nodded her head towards me, and she slowly turned around. Her eyes as big as a bowl fish, her hands were shaking, and her chest were rising and falling faster than Eleanor's.


"Emmaline." We both utter at the same time. As soon as we said each others name, Danielle walked over to me, placing her hands around my waist. Emma looked from me to her, then back to me. "This is Danielle...My...My girlfriend." Dani did a little wave, before hugging Eleanor.

"Uh, Eleanor I'll see you later." That's all she said, before running out the store, Ignoring our calls. Just as I went outside the shop, that's when I notice the cameras, and the crowd.


This is so not good. This will make the news faster than I could blink.


Authors Note: Okay so what do you guys think so far? 

1: What do you think is going to happen with Liam and Emmaline?

2: Is Danielle going to get along with Emmaline?

3: Should Eleanor hate Danielle or Like her?

4: How do you think the boys are going to feel, when they see Emmaline again?

5: Do you have any clue or idea of how you picture the next chapter?

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