I Do -One Direction (15+)

Yes, it's the girl who broke his heart. But he moved on. There is a reason why I left him standing alone, but I could not bring myself to do it? But the question is, do I still love him? Can I go on? Would it be weird if we stay friends? I still loe her, but did she moved on? What will happen if we meet again? Will I ever win her over again,

A big question is about, can lost love be found? Or will she get in the way?


6. Emmaline



                                                                     Chapter Six:

                                                                  Birthday Surprises                                                                                               


  Why does things have to happen to me? I've lost my best-friend cause I was too stubborn to do one simple thing he asked me. Then He showed up, and now my life is like a never ending swirl. I can see the pain in his eyes when he utter those words, the way his face changed when the words left his mouth. 'Come on Emma get a grip, he's not staying long; then you can go back to sulking.' Yeah, maybe your right conscience.

  Taking a long breathe and releasing it, I turn back from the bathroom, only to find Eleanor casually sitting in the Living room waiting for me. As soon as she saw me, her hands wrapped around my neck, whispering comfortable words in my ear.

 "Why am I so stupid El? Everything I do, never seems right, it's like this universe doesn't want me to be happy." I release myself from her embrace and slumped down onto the couch.

"You're not stupid baba--" We both let out a chuckle. She was the only one who gave me that nickname, and when I ask her how she got it, she just shrugs. "In-fact you're amazing, you just have to try and get over Liam. He still loves you, and you still love him, but you can't keep sulking; and think he's going to come back to you. He moved on and so should you-well at least try to." She explains, hugging me tighter.

"I don't know El...Everything is a mess; but I'll try." She beamed a smile, crushing my body against hers. A moment of silent passed us, until I spoke up again. "So how are the boys Layla?"

"Well the boys really miss you, Especially Zayn and Niall. Louis and Harry well they miss you, but their still not happy with you for running out of the wedding...And Layla? Well she doesn't like when we bring the subject up." I ran my hands through my hair; looking out the window. "Okay enough of this sulking..." Eleanor suddenly jumped up, a look of excitement flash across her pretty little face. "There's an outfit laid down on your bed. Take a shower, put the clothes on and meet me down here..." I groaned; getting up from the couch. "And don't ask me why, just go do it." She ushered me up the stairs, not before yelling "And if you see a box wrapped in a silver paper, that is your birthday present. Happy Birthday baba."


Eleanor's P.O.V

   I watch as Emma climbed up the stairs, just as soon as my phone ranged. Picking up the phone on the third ring, the sound of music and loud noises filled my ears. "Hello"

"Hey babe. Is everyone there including the boys? And is everything ready?" I inquire, putting the phone between my shoulder and ear.

"Yeah, uh Liam is running a little late, but everyone is here and already partying, everything is all set, now where just waiting for you too." He explain, as the music dies down a little.

"Okay babe, we'll be on our way-Wait is her co-star Chase Parker there yet?" The phone nearly dropped from my grasp, as I struggle to put my clothes on.

"Is that the guy, you were drooling over just last week from that show Hollywood Heights?" He inquires making me laugh.

"Yes Lou, yes. So is he here or not? Also is Joey there?"

"The Gay one is here, and yes your precious boyfriend is here."

"Aww is someone jealous?" I cooed.

"Nope, not at all-Because at the end of the day; you're still with me and you love me."

"Yeah you're right. Even if Channing Tatum came to express his undying love for me, I would still be with you."

"Isn't the dude like 33? I didn't know you went for the older man."

"Haha very funny Lou-"

"Who are you talking too?" Emma's voice snapped me out of my argument with Lou. I mouthed 'Lou' and a big smile spread across her face. Good she's smiling, am such a good best-friend. 

"Babe who is that? Are you with a guy?"

"Lou calm down, it's Just Emmaline."

"Hi Lou." Emma says, only to get another reaction from the other end of the line.

"Bye Eleanor, Love you." With that he hung up.

"Wow! Guess you wasn't lying when you say they still don't like me."

"Don't take it personally baba, they still love you; their just hurt you left without a goodbye." I utter trying to cheer her up. She sighed before looping her hands with mine.

"Okay...Now let's get to wherever you are dragging me too."

"Oh please, you know you love me."

"Yeah yeah, thanks for being a wonderful sister, always there when I needed you."

"And I'll always be there."

"Till the end." We both utter before laughing.


Emmaline's P.O.V

     We stepped out of the Limo, standing in-front of a old abounded...house? I look to my right where Eleanor was happily smiling, with my eyebrows raised; she just beamed a larger smile before tugging me inside the building.

 "Eleanor where are we going? Oh my god are you trying to kill me? I thought we were friends--"

"Oh would you shut-up, If I was to kill you I would have done it long ago you idiot...Now shh we are almost there." She chuckles as she comes to a halt, I however was still looking at her confused, finally snapping out of my gaze, I utter the words.

"Where are we exact--"

"Surprise!" That exact words that were chanted made me stopped talking, and I turned my gaze to find people looking directly at me.

"Happy Birthday baba." Eleanor squeals, looking at the people who are now drinking, dancing under the bright mirror ball. I was too astound by what was going to even speak. She did this all for me? Finally finding my voice, I crushed her in a bone crushing hug. Repeating the words 'Thank You' over and over again.  "Okay come on baba, the rest of the boys are here and they want to meet you."

"No." I pouted. I wasn't ready to face them, they hate me and I would hate myself if their best-friend left their other best-friend on their wedding day. "Please El don't make me go. They hate me."

"Am pretty sure if they hate you, they would have never come in the first place, now come on the sooner you get this over with, the sooner the better." Fuck! She's got a point. Not trusting my voice, I nodded slowly; as she dragged me towards the boys.

  You can do this Emmy, you can do thi-! "Hey babe." Louis voice ranged, just when El let go of my hands. Traitor! I watch as he let go of El, only before he place a kiss on her cheeks; before his eyes landed on me. Oh God this is more awkward than ever. "Oh guys, look it's the girl who we use to call our best-friend, the one that made one of our best mate cry for years." And here it comes. "Nice to see you again." 

"Louis." Eleanor growled, as the two started bickering, the rest of the guys walked up to us, meaning Liam was with them. Could this night get any worse?

"Happy birthday Emmy." Niall and Zayn utter hugging me, with a kiss on my cheek. I smile at them, not trusting my voice just yet.

"Harry..." I utter slowly, looking at the curly haired boy who had nothing but hatred upon his pretty little face.

"Bitch." Well then...He suddenly got nudged by Niall, who gave me a goofy smile. "I mean...uh Happy birthday and I wish you many more lives....Or not." And then my smile faltered.

"So uh um Zayn where is Layla?" I inquire; trying not to sound so offended by his words. He slowly looked down to the floor; scratching the back of his neck.

"Uh, she didn't want to come...Uh because..."

"She hates you, because you are lying conniving bitch, who left someone broken without a reason, also because you are dead to her." The way those words left both Harry and Louis mouth hurt so much. My own best-friend who I've known since birth hates me when she never ever even gave me a chance to explain when I called her the day I ran out of the church. 

"Seriously?" Zayn growled shooting them both a glare.

"What its the truth...at least we didn't tell her the other word...wait what was it? Cunt." And that was the last straw for me, I turned on my heels and headed out the way I came, only to be blinded by cameras and screaming fans.

  This day seriously could not get any worse. I ran faster too the bus station, seeing that my driver wasn't here, only to have my heels snapped and having droplets of water pour down on me.


Do you hate me that much God?


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