I Do -One Direction (15+)

Yes, it's the girl who broke his heart. But he moved on. There is a reason why I left him standing alone, but I could not bring myself to do it? But the question is, do I still love him? Can I go on? Would it be weird if we stay friends? I still loe her, but did she moved on? What will happen if we meet again? Will I ever win her over again,

A big question is about, can lost love be found? Or will she get in the way?


4. Emmaline


                                                                       Chapter Four:     

                                                                    Happy Birthday                                                                                                                          


    Breathe Emma. Breathe. Just keep walking, ignore his voice. Just pretend you don't hear him calling your name, or the sound of his feet getting closer to you. Just close your eyes and don't let the tears fall, don't let him see that you're weak.

  Walking faster, I reached my car, fumbling with the keys; when his voice got closer. Ugh! Come on, stop fucking shaking Emma and get the keys in the hole already. 'Come On, Come On'  I chanted mentally.

  "Emma." His voice rang, while his two hands wrapped around my waist, turning me to face him. I looked down; ignoring his eyes. The very pair of eyes that always got me mesmerized and lost in his trance. I can't look at them, I just can't. It's so hard to held the tears, so I just let them silently roll down my cheeks. "Emma look at me." God, I miss when he calls me Emma. I know it's weird, but the way he says it always sent shivers down my body, making those body parts of mine that wasn't working before jolt. Ignoring his plead, I look up but not face to face with him. "Emma look at me." He utters louder, but I still ignored him. His hands made it under my chin, jabbing towards him as he bellowed "Emma for God sake, would you fucking look at me." His action made me jolt, causing me winced in pain. Of course he notice this, but didn't act on it. I stared into his eyes, as he stared into mine.

  "Li I have to go..." I utter slowly, trying to get out of his grasp; but failing miserably.

"Like you did before?" He was angry, and I couldn't blame him. I looked away, only to have my chin jabbed towards him again.

"Liam can we not talk about this now? Were in public."

"Does it look like I give two shit? No! No I don't and were talking about this, it's been two fucking years. You left me on that alter, do you know how that made me feel? I thought I wasn't good enough for you---"

"That's the thing Liam...You're too good enough for me, I just---"

"You Just what Emma?"

"I have to go..."

"I'm going find out whether you like it or not. You can't hide forever."

"I seriously have to go Liam. Go meet your girl-friend, after all you did moved on."

"Oh so that's what this is about? You're jealous of me and Danielle?" He inquires amused, and all in all, I just wanted to smack that smirk of his face.

"I'm not jealous of her, am just glad you moved on." I lied, as he slowly released me.

"Mhmm..." He grunted, as I open the door of my car. Placing myself inside, he uttered. "Happy Birthday." His voice not only sounded cold but hurtful.

   That's when it all clicked. Today was not only my birthday but the day we actually became a couple. I look out the window, watching as he walked away, shaking his head. Sighing, I banged my hands on the steering wheel over and over again, until I just got tired of it all.


I'm such a horrible person.


Authors Note: Okay so what do you guys think so far? 

1: What do you think is going to happen with Liam and Emmaline?

2: Is Danielle going to get along with Emmaline?

3: Should Eleanor hate Danielle or Like her?

4: How do you think the boys are going to feel, when they see Emmaline again?

5: Do you have any clue or idea of how you picture the next chapter?

6: How do you picture Emma and the rest of the gang meet again?

7: What do you think of Joey and Emma's friendship?

8: Should their be a guy in the next few chapters?

9: Will the boys get mad at Eleanor for keeping in contact with Emma and not telling them?

10: What do YOU want to happen in the next chapters.?

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