The mark of the forgotten

Nina, Natalia, and Connor are special. It all started when they turned fourteen. They have grown up together. Their birthdays are a day apart. On the mornings of each of their birthdays they get a mark. Soon they are getting chased, their parents have to go into hiding, and they are with Nina's cousins, hiding. This has been going on for a thousand years. Everyone in The Forgotten is chased, everyone with the marked is hunted. This is why they have to hide. Other members have been killed. All but one, which is why The Forgotten still exist. Now can the new Forgotten outrun the people who want them killed so badly. Who wants them killed exactly? The Rachi. This is why they live. The Rachi live to kill The Forgotten.


2. Chapter two

       I look at the clock. I see that's it five in the morning. I groan. I never get up this early in the morning. I climb out if bed like a snail. I'm moving so slowly. I don't know why I was like this. I walk over to my vanity. I make a disgusted face as see my rat nest of hair. I take my brush and gently comb out the knots in my hair. It takes me only a minute and next I walk over to my closet. I find a mini skirt and a flowy shirt to match. I grab my sandles that complete the outfit. I look at myself on more time. I look hot. 

        I take a second look. This isn't the face of an almost fourteen year old. I look like I just turned thirteen. I think. I turn fourteen in three days. How do I make myself look older? I get the idea to add more makeup. I grab my eyeliner and mascara. I try not to blink as I add heavy layers of my makeup. I take one last look. Now I look like a fourteen year old. 

        I grab my backpack and head down the stairs. I'm still early. I decide I'm gonna walk over to Connor's house. I head toward my parents room on the second story of the house. I knock on the door and hear a groan as my mom comes to the door. She is in her pink bathroom robe. Her hair is in a messy bun and her makeup is all over her face. 

        "Good morning Mom. I'm going to go over to Connor's house and then we are going to walk over to Natalia's house. Don't worry I'll be in school on time and I won't be late again." I say to her.

        "Ok Nina. Don't be late for school. You have already been late enough this year. I don't want another call from your school principal. Ok," she says, a little worried that I'm going to be late for school again.

         "Thank you," I say and I kiss her on her cheek and run down the last flight of stairs.

          I go to the kitchen to get something to eat, and I see my brother and his girlfriend making out. I groan and walk out of the kitchen as I say goodbye. He doesn't even come up for air long enough to say goodbye to me.

          I walk out the front door and turn around to face my house. I love it. It is a beautiful three story house with lots of land. To the side of the house we have a shack that holds all of my surf boards and surf awards. I walk over to it and open the door. I grab my pink, longboard with the flowers. I plan to bring it to Connor's house. We are going to go surfing after school.  I walk back to the front of the house. I think how lucky I am. I have two parents, a nice house, and friends that love me. I have everything I could ever want. 

           Little do I know one day I will have to leave everything behind and go on the run.

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