The mark of the forgotten

Nina, Natalia, and Connor are special. It all started when they turned fourteen. They have grown up together. Their birthdays are a day apart. On the mornings of each of their birthdays they get a mark. Soon they are getting chased, their parents have to go into hiding, and they are with Nina's cousins, hiding. This has been going on for a thousand years. Everyone in The Forgotten is chased, everyone with the marked is hunted. This is why they have to hide. Other members have been killed. All but one, which is why The Forgotten still exist. Now can the new Forgotten outrun the people who want them killed so badly. Who wants them killed exactly? The Rachi. This is why they live. The Rachi live to kill The Forgotten.


3. chapter three

       I walk over to Connor's house. Connor only lives two houses down from me, so its not that long of a walk. When I get there I stop. I've known this house since I was a little girl. This place feels like home to me. I'm always over here or at Natalia's house. We are all family. Our families are so close. We have all grown up together. This is my home. Connor and Natalia are my family, rather than just my best friends.

       I knock on the door, a door I don't usually knock on. I usually just walk in and no one cares. Inside I hear feet sliding on the tile. The locks shift and then the door opens, revealing Connor. He is dressed in his robes. He looks at me weird before finally talking.

     "Why are you here so early. We don't have to be awake for another thirty minutes. I need my sleep," Connor whines.

     "Nice to see you too. I woke up early and didn't want to stay at my house. Plus, Dylan and his girlfriend were making out. I didn't want stay with them making out. So, suck it up. Its thirty minutes," I say to a tired Connor.

    "Fine come in. Make yourself at home. Not that I need to tell you that. Your here mostly everyday as it is. I'm going to get dressed, then I'll be down so we can go get Natalia for school."

    "Ok. I'm making me breakfast."


     When he goes upstairs, I start making me toast with some nutella. That's my favorite breakfast, ever. When my toast is done, I walk over to the couch and turn on the TV. I turn it to the CW, where my favorite show is on, The Vampire Diaries. I'm hooked within the first five minutes, when Stefan takes off his shirt, showing his beautifully sculpted abs. I don't notice when Connor came down, backpack in hand and calling my name.

      "Nina!" pause, "Nina! We need to leave. We are going to be late!" Connor says, urging me to leave.

      I jolt back to reality. I turn off the TV and grab my backpack. Connor and I walk out the door and start to head for Natalia's. When we are almost there, I get this weird sensation throughout my whole body. it felt like I was electrocuted.

      The last thing I remember is falling to the concrete as Connor tries to catch me. Then my head hits something hard. Everything goes black.


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