The mark of the forgotten

Nina, Natalia, and Connor are special. It all started when they turned fourteen. They have grown up together. Their birthdays are a day apart. On the mornings of each of their birthdays they get a mark. Soon they are getting chased, their parents have to go into hiding, and they are with Nina's cousins, hiding. This has been going on for a thousand years. Everyone in The Forgotten is chased, everyone with the marked is hunted. This is why they have to hide. Other members have been killed. All but one, which is why The Forgotten still exist. Now can the new Forgotten outrun the people who want them killed so badly. Who wants them killed exactly? The Rachi. This is why they live. The Rachi live to kill The Forgotten.


1. Chapter one

      We are running. We have been running. It seems like months. Our feet always tapping concrete, breaking twigs, splashing water. We don't sleep. We don't eat. We go days without having food. We are so weak. We have just enough energy to keep running. Running to save our lives. After days of running, we are lucky if we find somewhere to rest. By then our feet feel like blocks of concrete, so heavy we can barely lift them to run again. We can   Only ever rest for an hour. We are lucky if we rest for two hours without getting caught. Running, running, running is all we can think about. Running.

     It didn't used to be like this. I used to be a normal thirteen year old. I didn't have to run all the time. I didn't have to leave my parents. I wasn't running with my two best friends, my two cousins, and someone we didn't know, but that is one of us. I was happy. I went to school. I surfed. I did model UN. I got straight A's. I hung out with my two best friends, Natalia and Connor. I did what all ninth graders do. I had fun. 

     This whole mess started when I turned fourteen. When I woke up the morning if my fourteenth birthday, I had a mark on my wrist. It was a sword with a circle around it. It was weird. I wasn't the only one though. Connor got one two days before, on his birthday. Natalia got one a day before, on her birthday. Then I got mine, on my birthday. I always thought that it was weird that our birthdays were in a line like that, but now I know why. We all got the mark. We are all on the run. We all  are part of the forgotten. 

     I slip into my memories. I go back to before I turned fourteen. Back when I wasn't running. I know the memory will not stop until I relive everything up until this moment. I have to relive all the bad parts. I know I will. I don't care . I will feel good. I will relive every second. Even when I became part of the group. Part of the forgotten. 


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