The mark of the forgotten

Nina, Natalia, and Connor are special. It all started when they turned fourteen. They have grown up together. Their birthdays are a day apart. On the mornings of each of their birthdays they get a mark. Soon they are getting chased, their parents have to go into hiding, and they are with Nina's cousins, hiding. This has been going on for a thousand years. Everyone in The Forgotten is chased, everyone with the marked is hunted. This is why they have to hide. Other members have been killed. All but one, which is why The Forgotten still exist. Now can the new Forgotten outrun the people who want them killed so badly. Who wants them killed exactly? The Rachi. This is why they live. The Rachi live to kill The Forgotten.


4. chapter four

           I wake up in Natalia's house, surrounded by Natalia, Connor, my parents, Natalia's parents, and Connor's parents. I try to get up, but get a rush of nausea and fall back down onto the couch. I look up at everyone. They look so worried. I don't remember anything. All I remember is falling. Then I feel something trickling down the side of my face. I move my hand up to the side of my face and wince when I touch a wound. I move my hand to the front of my face and see it's blood.

         "What happened?" I ask, confused. I touch the wound again, making sure there was a wound, in case I was imagining it before.

         "We were walking to get Natalia for school, when you, all of a sudden, fell down and hit your head on the concrete. There was a lot of blood, and you were unconscious, so I ran and got Natalia. Then her dad picked you up and brought you inside. We got the bleeding to stop. It was all so weird. One moment you were completely fine, then the next your knocked out, bleeding, on the concrete. I was scared and I don't get scared, " Connor tells me.

       "All I remember is falling down. I don't remember anything else, " I say, still confused.

        I try to get up, and I am able this time. Everyone clears a path for me, as I grab my backpack. I pull out my mini-mirror and fix my hair. Then I head to the bathroom and clean up the blood on my face. I head back to the living room and go into my backpack and grab my concealer. I apply some concealer to the wound then I grab my powder and add some on top of the concealer. I put all of my makeup and my mirror back into my backpack, then slip it over my shoulder and look at Natalia and Connor.

       "Well, you coming, don't want to be too late. Lets go, " I say ready to leave.

        "Nina I don't think you should go to school toda-," my mom begins to say as I cut her off.

         "Mother I am completely fine. See I can stand perfectly. I covered up the cut so its as if nothing happened. I'm fine, really I am. Now I'm going to school. Natalia and Connor, you coming?" I say, completely sure I could go to school.

       "I-I guess. It guess it couldn't hurt," Natalia says.

       "Fabulous! Lets go," I say, then I walk to the door, and leave for school.



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