The Book of Maria Sue Baker

Maria Sue Baker, a young teenager living after the Civil War, is living in conditions that make her want to move out of her parents house. She is making money, but she also has to pay for taxes and other stuff she wants.
To get a house by the shore is about twice the cost of one to have on the fields. But Maria Sue Baker has a crush on Rick, an older man that lives that lives far near the shore.
Maria is eager to go with Rick, She is only sixteen, and marrying a swenty seven year old man might make her feel different. Will Maria Sue Baker get what she wants, or will she have to get it herself?


1. The Way of Life

I woke up and saw my blue bedroom pop in my face. My curtains were blowing in the wind and the birds were chirpping a song. I was listening to them chirp. Then I heard my cow, Elle, make a big moo.

I sprung up and threw on a pair of jeans, a sweater, socks and boots and ran out the door. I opened up the fence to where Elle was and checked on her calf. She was doing okay. I gathered the chicken eggs and ran inside. I made some eggs for my little brother, Michael, because he is the only one that likes eggs. My other little siblings, Annie, Kelly, Robert and Ty all hate eggs. But my older siblings, Patricia, Phoebe and Hedrick all love eggs. My mom, for once, isn't pregnant. My oldest sister, Phoebe, is in her late twenties and is probrably going to get pregnant soon. I don't think that baby wants to be an aunt or uncle when they're born.

My mom and dad have been married for years. They had Phoebe when my mom was about twenty seven. My dad is about the same age as my mom. My mom is a housewife. She works all day and cleans the house. My dad is working to become a better farmer. We only own three acres of land. Not much can grow here. I'm trying to raise money by selling my cow's milk for fifty cents. The only people that buy it are my neighbors. I also try to sell chicken eggs for seven cents an egg, but the only people that buy it are my aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors. I have almost seven dollars. That's enough to get me one room.

I tugged my wooden boat out of the shed and tugged it all the way to the beach. I had to boat for a few minutes to get to Ricks house. I love Rick. He is tall and strong. He lives on the coast. I want to live with him. I love Rick. He is my kind of person. I've told him many times I want to marry him but he said later. He must want to marry me. I can imagine it being 1867 and I can get married to Rick. We can have kids and own a house.

I lugged my boat up to Rick's house, and knocked on his door. A tall, strong man came up. It was Rick. I love Rick.




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