The Book of Maria Sue Baker

Maria Sue Baker, a young teenager living after the Civil War, is living in conditions that make her want to move out of her parents house. She is making money, but she also has to pay for taxes and other stuff she wants.
To get a house by the shore is about twice the cost of one to have on the fields. But Maria Sue Baker has a crush on Rick, an older man that lives that lives far near the shore.
Maria is eager to go with Rick, She is only sixteen, and marrying a swenty seven year old man might make her feel different. Will Maria Sue Baker get what she wants, or will she have to get it herself?


2. Circles

I always tell myself, "just do it, just do it.", but sometimes I'm not ready to. Like the time I ran away from home to live with Rick for the summer I didn't want to do, but when your mom is pregnant and your dad is working on the farm all day, it's best you run away.

I was away for three months. I spent time with Rick, talking and watching him do his work. I don't think Rick is much of a worker, because he has a fence in his backyeard that goes from one side to half way across his year. I don't think he finsihed the fence that year. Also, he has a pile of rocks from his yard before it was covered with green grass with bright yellow tulips, still in the back of his house.

Rick's house is very neat. He has his mugs in a cabinet, that is tan and has a handle that shines. Over time, the cabinet chipped. He also has his stairs redone. But Rickie is someonhe who is reliable. He can fix it.

But then I'm always confused. It's like my head is always in a knot trying to be with Rickie. Or if my mom gets pregnant again. Or if I get married.

But what really gets me is Patricia and Rickie kissed. They kissed when they were little, but it meant nothing. It was like a little toddler kiss.

These circles appear in my head. Like rings. Its like how my day goes. Is it confusing? Is it not?

I ran back down to my boat and rowed all the way home. I hated that I showed up at Rickie's. I hate to embarrass myself like that. I see Rickie in the distance, waving "come back." But I row away. I cry all the way home, thinking that Rickie will never marry me. Am I being too hard on myself?

I see little kids swimming in the bay, with their parents swimming in the deep. I thought I would never see anyone swim in the bay. But I reach the creek, so I roll up my sleeves, hoping not to get wet, because this is Patricia's dress, and pick up a few rocks to anchor the boat. The current is getting stronger, so I row towards the shallow. I throw a few rocks out, and dock by my house. My boat is chipped, so I ask my dad to fix it.


"It's too big of a hole. You can't use it. I'll have to go out to the next town over to get some wood." my dad says.

"When will that be?" I ask.

"When I go there. In a few weeks." my dad says.

I shrug, and go back inside to cry. I see that Patricia isn't home.    


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