I wish you understood

Cami is a fun, sweet, kind, and smart 18 year old girl. There is one problem though. She's got a secret. A secret that basically would change everyone's point of view of her. She has kept it hidden since she was 15, but one silly little mistake could change her whole life forever.


1. About Cami

Full Name: Cameron Brooke Payne (Yes Payne)

Hair: Teal (yes teal)

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'9

Personality: Sweet, Kind, Caring, Unique, Fun to be around, Lively.

Hobbies: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Music, Playing saxophone, Hanging with friends.

Age: 18

Meet her:

                Hey Y'all I'm Cami! I'm a total sports chick! I love country and jazz music. My brother is THE Liam Payne. Yeah such a great life right? Nope! See he bugs the crap outta me! So his stinking band members! They are so annoying! Anyways I had a pretty normal childhood until I turned 15. That's when things changed. I lost my virginity. To none other than Niall Horan. I got pregnant. Yeah I hid it pretty good. No one ever found out. I gave her up. She would have such a better life without me. Her name was Charlotte. The thing is I gave her away to my aunt. My close aunt. So I see Charlotte often which hurts but it's for the best. Well That's about it! See Y'all later!


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