stripes varsity and cardigans

Kassandra is the new girl in town she moved from canada and left her whole life behind what happens when she meets liam louis and zayn who will she choose?do all of them like her does she like all of the?read to find out.


20. we need to talk

                                                            kassandras p.o.v


"harry what are you doing here?" i said looking at him. he stared at me "i was coming to check up on you because of the way you ran out on me." i looked down "wait are niall and kylie still here?" "yeah why?" he said "i need to talk to all of you guys i will call kylie and niall i'll be right back" i run up to me room and louis follows me i call niall's phone first with my luck he answered "hey" niall said "hey don't ask any questions just come to my house and bring kylie" he said ok and then i hung up i turned around and saw louis standing there he pulled me close and kissed me just then liam walked in he just laughed and walked out we finally pulled apart and he looked at me and said "i can't believe we are going to have a kid i am just not ready but i will learn" i just looked at him for a little while than asked "do you even want a kid?" "i didn't say that i just said i wasn't ready for a kid" he started to yell "i asked you a question do you want a kid?" i yelled back at him "no ok i don't want a kid at least not now i was going threw it because i want you" "well if you don't want our baby then you don't want me" "that's not true i want you" "just get out now" i scream he just turns around and walks out . i go down stairs to see niall and kylie "hey" i said  "hey so what was so important that you couldn't tell me over he phone" i smiled and said "well now i have two things one me and louis just broke up and two i am pregnant" "what!!??" they both said at the same time

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