stripes varsity and cardigans

Kassandra is the new girl in town she moved from canada and left her whole life behind what happens when she meets liam louis and zayn who will she choose?do all of them like her does she like all of the?read to find out.


22. running back to him

                                                                kassandra's pov


I ran out of the house.I ran about five blocks before i slowed down and pulled out my phone.I dialed kalebs number and he answered. "Hello?" He said as he answered the phone "Hey where are you staying i want to see you i am sorry for earlier." I could feel tears falling down down my cheek as i thought about all that had just happened. "I'm staying at a friends house.Are you crying? Do you need me to come and get you?" He said with a little bit of worry in his voice."Please." I said i told him where to meet me and with in ten minutes he had picked me up.When he got to where i was i was balling my eyes out and he just sat beside me and wrapped his arms around me.  I looked at him and smiled "Thanks for doing this." "Anytime but you owe me one." He said with a smirk on his face. Oh no what did i get myself into now




Hey so i know i haven't been updating i have had some personal problems i needed to work out but i will start to update more often thank you to every one who has read this it means a lot to me

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