stripes varsity and cardigans

Kassandra is the new girl in town she moved from canada and left her whole life behind what happens when she meets liam louis and zayn who will she choose?do all of them like her does she like all of the?read to find out.


24. oops

                                                          louis p.o.v


"who is this bastared" the words come flying out of my mouth and i can't help but be mad but just because we aren't together doesn't mean don't still love her i was a little re-leaved to here that it wasn't me who got her knocked up but i was pissed because she didn't tell me about the dick that did this and i was going to make him pay.


                                                      kassandra's p.o.v

after about 5 minutes of calling liam i go to go out "hey kaleb can i borrow the car keys to go meet someone so i can get some stuff that i need" i look around the room slightly trying not to make eye contact "yeah sure" he said slightly drunk i grab the keys and walk out the door then i get in the car. and start driving i don't really know what i am going to do


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