stripes varsity and cardigans

Kassandra is the new girl in town she moved from canada and left her whole life behind what happens when she meets liam louis and zayn who will she choose?do all of them like her does she like all of the?read to find out.


7. i know

                                                             kassandras p.o.v


i walked into the room to see harry half naked i must have been staring because the next thing i heard was ''my eyes are up here '' '' i know you like me i guess ive known for awhile the way you look at me and are always happy around me even if you were dying'' '' kassandra i love you you have no idea how much i wanted to tell you now we can be together we can run away so you wont have to leave'' '' harry i cant i just cant deal with this i cant i have to go'' i said running out of the house crying i ran to kylies house i nocked on the door '' whats wrong'' kylie said ''can i come in '' '' yah but i must warn you niall is here'' she said back '' thats fine'' i said so i walked in and as soon as i walked in i saw niall and then he ran over to me and hugged me because he knew what was going on."ok so why are you crying and why does niall know why and is comforting you and not me." kylie asked "harry just told me he loved me and i used to have feelings for him but that ended when i found out he lost his v card to the school slut and he set up a date and time for me to lose mine with the school bad boy" "omg sweety i am so sorry for you come here."said kylie "can i stay here for the night but if you wanna be alone with niall i totaly understand." you can stay as long as you dont mind a bit of noise during the night."kylie said




                                              ~~~~~ flashback over~~~~~~~



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