stripes varsity and cardigans

Kassandra is the new girl in town she moved from canada and left her whole life behind what happens when she meets liam louis and zayn who will she choose?do all of them like her does she like all of the?read to find out.


18. docters

                                                                    kassandras p.o.v

i woke up and was throwing up again. i looked at the clock it was already 2:55 i got dressed and ran down stairs to see kaleb sleeping on the couch i snuck out the door and almost kissed liam" hi are you ready to go" he asked "yeah lets go" i said we got to the car and started driving i called zayn and told him to meet us there we got there just on time and zayn got there right after us. i was called in and was waiting for the doctor. he came in "what seems to be the problem today." he said "um well i am throwing up every morning for the pas two days." i said back "this is kind of a personal question but have you had unprotected sex lately." ' once but i mean that doesn't mean anything right or am i." "id say you were but if you want you can buy a test to see for you're self than thats your call' "ok thank you" i walked out without saying any thing now i know what i have to do and i hope this wont be as bad as i think it will be.

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