what happens in life

kali was 16 she was hurt and broken not to mention being raised by her abusive uncle after her parents died in a plane crash 6 years before. not sexually. emotionally and physically. kail wanted out of there but she knew she couldnt run if she wanted to protect her younger sister who was just a baby when their parents died. but kali couldnt take it anymore.


5. words

I pull into my driveway. The girls had fallen asleep in the back. It was late after all. I looked at Kali. She looked so beautiful and calm. "Wake up sleepy heads were here" Kailis eyes opened right away. She looked around and then she saw me. She smiled and woke up her sister. Niall ran outside. "DID YOU BRING FOOD!!!!!" he yelled at me. "No but i brought something else.I laughed Niall always expects me to bring him something to eat. Kali got out of the car with Sadie in her arms. "Woah!" Niall shouted "Who is that!!!" Kali started to back away looking scared. I put my hand on her back. "Dont worry Its just my mate Niall." i said to her. She relaxed but Sadie didnt. She jumped out of Kalis arms and squealed. She turned and looked at us. "La la la loo look!' Kali grabbed her and spun her around smiling the biggest and prettiest smile ive ever seen. "Sadie! You just said your first word!"  "yes yes yes" sadie sang looking proud. then she ran and gave Niall a hug. Zayn and the others came out "Whats going on guys? And whos that?!" " Im Im Im Kali and this is Sadie. Sadie turned to look at the others waved then went back to playing chase with Niall. " Well im Louis, and thats Zayn and Harry. What brings you here kali?" She looked at me. "Theyre going to be staying with us for awhile guys" "In that case Kali we can share my bed" Harry winked at her. "No...." Kali looked at his like he was insane. "You can sleep in the guest room Kali" She looked relieved. "Can sadie sleep in my bed???? I wont rape her or anything i swear!!!!" "Okay" kali laughed. "Wow" Zayn looked at her,"your laugh is beautiful." Kali blushed. I got a little jealous but I dont know why. I showed her to her room and we all went to sleep.

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