what happens in life

kali was 16 she was hurt and broken not to mention being raised by her abusive uncle after her parents died in a plane crash 6 years before. not sexually. emotionally and physically. kail wanted out of there but she knew she couldnt run if she wanted to protect her younger sister who was just a baby when their parents died. but kali couldnt take it anymore.


3. our escape


"Are you ready?" I asked Sadie. She nodded. I grabed the back pack and her hand and we set out. I didnt know where to go. We walked for half an hour. Thats how long it took to get to london. We got something to eat and continued walking. We had about a day to get as far away as possible. Thats how long it should take for Tod to be sober enough to realize we werent there. We were on a small counrty road. I didnt hear the car. It pulled up right next to us. "Need a lift?" the driver asked. I quickly turned around. Sadie shrieked. It was Liam Payne from One Direction. Sadies favorite band. "No thanks," I replied. Sadie looked at me with pleading eyes. "Ugh! Actually we do if you wouldnt mind" He smiled and we got in the back. "Where to?" he asked. I didnt know. "I...I dont know... as far away from here i guess...." i trailed off. He looked at me. "Do you have a place to stay?" I shook my head and looked at my feet. "Thats alright. You can come home with me." I grabed the door handle and unbuckled my seat belt. "Oh no!" Liam laughed. "Trust me youre safe i wont hurt you. Just give you a place to stay until you know where to go." I breathed a sigh of relief.

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