what happens in life

kali was 16 she was hurt and broken not to mention being raised by her abusive uncle after her parents died in a plane crash 6 years before. not sexually. emotionally and physically. kail wanted out of there but she knew she couldnt run if she wanted to protect her younger sister who was just a baby when their parents died. but kali couldnt take it anymore.


4. cuts and bruises

**** Liams pov****

She was beautiful. Long silky black hair with big green eyes.I asked her name. "Kali" she said quietly. Her voice was beautiful and soft. "So Kali" i tested her name on my lips "Kali whats wrong?" There was a look of terror on her face. " No no nothingg..." she stutterd scruching down in her seat. I see a police car pass. "Kali did you do something wrong?" " I I I dont know... its right for me and Sadie but wrong in the laws eyes...." Did you run away?" she nodded "But why" I knew she was scared and i wanted to help. She rolled up her sleeves. So did the younger girl Sadie i believe. They were covered with bruises. Sadie points to Kalis stomach. Kali lifts up her shirt slightly. Its covered with cuts and i see a few glass shards. Tears fill her eyes she wipes them away as fast as possible. "Its okay to cry Kali no one will ever hurt you again." She broke down in tears.

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