what happens in life

kali was 16 she was hurt and broken not to mention being raised by her abusive uncle after her parents died in a plane crash 6 years before. not sexually. emotionally and physically. kail wanted out of there but she knew she couldnt run if she wanted to protect her younger sister who was just a baby when their parents died. but kali couldnt take it anymore.


6. cuddling

I lay in bed thinking, mostly about kali, when i heard a muffled scream. I jumped up and ran to Kalis room. "Are you alright?" She was in tears. I sat next to her and wrapped her up in my arms. "Bad dream?" She nodded and laid her head on my shoulder. "Its okay your safe now." She looked up at me and smiled. I kissed the top of her head. She fell asleep in my arms. I laid back and she cuddled up to me. I wrapped my arms around her and positioned her just right. I gave her one last kiss and fell asleep. "MORNING YOU TWO GET UP LETS EAT!!!!!!" I woke up to Niall screaming. Sadie sat at the foot of the bed laughing. "Um.. Liam?" I looked down Kali was in my arms still and unable to move i guess i was holding too tight. "sorry..." She laughed and got up. Then her face fell. "Kali whats wrong?" i had to know "I forgot I dont have any clean jeans" Sadie looked up "Yes you do! I switched the clothes in the backpack I have 3 dresses and you have 3 t shirts and pairs of jeans." "How did you make room?" " I hope Uncle Tod doesnt throw hannah away" Sadie said quietly. "Sadie I told you we were bringing your doll" "I know but we didnt" Niall looked at me "Uh Liam?" he pointed "Shit!" i ran back to my room to put on some pants i dont think kali realized i was in only my boxers last night.

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