what happens in life

kali was 16 she was hurt and broken not to mention being raised by her abusive uncle after her parents died in a plane crash 6 years before. not sexually. emotionally and physically. kail wanted out of there but she knew she couldnt run if she wanted to protect her younger sister who was just a baby when their parents died. but kali couldnt take it anymore.


2. a new plan

I woke up the next morning. I knew what i needed to do. If i couldnt leave without Sadie Id leave with her! Tonight was the night. Tod always went drinking on friday nights with his "friends". I whispered my plan into Sadies ear. She nodded, smiling. Sadie doesnt speak she never has. I grabbed a small back pack. I packed Sadies favorite doll, 2 t shirts for each of us, a hair brush and our toothbrushes and tooth paste. I decided that we'd haft to wear the same pair of jeans for a while. Then i lifted up the mattress. I had 500 pounds hidden there. Sadies eyes grew wide when she saw it. I put the money in the bag. Then i went to make breakfast for us and Tod. We went to school after carefully hidding the bruises on our arms and legs just like we do everyday. Classes dragged by. I have no friends or people to talk to so the days feel longer. Finally the last bell rang. I picked Sadie up from school. She was still smiling. It made me smile. We went home and I threw Tod a beer. He looked surprised but he opened it and downed it quickly. I walked to my room.

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