true love?

Valerie's friend Lesley has gotten backstage tickets to meet ONE DIRECTION but it seems Valerie isn't that exited, I mean of course she is, IS ONE DIRECTION! But she is still upset because of her breakup with her EX she can't be happy she can't even act like it! But what Valerie doesn't know is that she might find true love within one of the lads of 1D or maybe 2 of them.


2. The Concert!

Val's POV:

It was finally TIME! The moment Lesley and I waited for so long, of course now I was happy cause I had met Harry Styles, but I wasn't going to tell Lesley cause she might get really mad at me, "are you ready" Lesley said, "umm yea lets go" I replied.



Hey guys I


I'm back from the store, I know I'm late but I got distracted with this beautiful girl, and she had dark blond hair........

"okay love bird, we get it u liked her" Louis said

"yeah I do, and I just feel sad that I won't be backstage for personal issues, she will be here with the other 20 girls that got backstage see if u can spot her" I said to Louis and the lads.

"well we'll try to "Liam responded




Val's POV:

While every one was screaming and shouting out things like HAZZA I LOVE U, VAZ HAPPNING? and a lot of other things, all I thought was how come I never find the right guy , meanwhile Lesley was going crazy I told her to calm down but she refused all I could do was enjoy the music and sing along and that's what I did!


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