Because Red is Beautiful

On a journey to her Paris dream, Katie meets a man she falls in love within three hours. But as they separate, Katie realizes it's foolish of her to think she has fallen in love with a complete stranger.
She tries to forget about him and soon she becomes a famous artist in her dream city. Her passion made her known but her curiosity for the stranger in the train always showed in her work.

Two years later, they meet again. But what would Katie do if she finds out that the stranger she met on the train is no longer available?

The story is about struggles in life, dreams coming true and falling apart, romantic tragedies and new discoveries about one's self.


4. 3 (Time)

3 (Time)



Pierre dropped me off at the gallery. He was going to have lunch with his mother and he didn’t want to leave me alone at home.


So I said I needed to check the paintings and any potential buyers. I was after all the painter.


I was tired after a bit of walking around and took a seat behind the counter. Lisa was there, smiling at everyone who passed her way. She handed me a bottle of water automatically and I grinned at her, grateful.


“Pierre asked me to watch you.” She smiles politely and hands out a note.


You better be close to Lisa or else you won’t get dessert later. It says and I stifled a giggle.


Lisa left for a minute and I was left in the counter, only to be approached by a curious visitor.


Due to my tiredness, I couldn’t look from where my head rests and I handed out the piece of paper about the artist and the gallery. He murmured his thanks and suddenly, my head snapped up at the sound of him.


I looked around frantically, hoping to find a familiar face but realized I couldn’t. It was packed with tourists and other people I don’t seem to know the purpose for coming and I lost track of him.


Lisa returned the second I stood up and said, “Sit down. You’re too tired.”


“I’m not.” I insisted and tried hard to convince her. “I’ll take another round, alright? I’ll be back in two minutes.”


“Promise…?” Lisa asks with a suspicious look and I smiled.








It felt like a maze, this gallery, and suddenly time was no longer present. I don’t know how long I’ve been walking around, looking for someone that might not even be here.


I might be mistaken. But I am sure that my heart is complaining right now and I have to take deep and rash breaths to survive this suffocating place.


Suddenly, steady hands held me up and I couldn’t be happier to have a stranger grab my arms.


I glanced to give a small smile but stared quite longer than expected.


He’s here. A voice declares and the small smile spreads into a big one.


“Hi,” I whispered and time resumed as the people went on normal paces and the air stirred around my lungs.


“Hello.” He whispered back and we just held on like that for what may seem like hours. My heart was beating rapidly and I coughed, breaking the stillness. He steadied me again and I got to my feet now. “How…how are you?”


“I’m good.” I smiled encouragingly but I knew better. I was less than good. I was at my downfall. “You’re that guy, right…?” I asked although I knew better. He was Christian. And he had been haunting me for two years in memory.


“Yeah,” he nodded. “Katie,” he checks and I smiled again. He remembered. “So, dreams do come true, huh?”


I grinned widely and nodded. “I guess so.” A short moment passed before a woman with almost the same blonde hair approached us.


She was smiling, completely unaware of the moment she was ruining. I tried to keep a polite feature on, though. “You must be the artist.” She grins and glances at Christian. “Isn’t she beautiful?” She asks him and I suddenly had a feeling she might not be the one ruining a moment.


It could be me.


It’s been two years after all…since I’ve met him. Two years had passed and moved on and what do I know about the man who had been invading my thoughts from the second we saw each other.


Those sea-green eyes were always staring at me even though they weren’t there. But why didn’t I have the thought that maybe those same sea-green eyes have been looking at someone else?


I wasn’t the only person on the planet. I wasn’t the only girl in that train. I wasn’t the only girl—period.


“Yes she is.” Christian says. Then his eyes didn’t leave me and that made the world go on and on and on for me. It made me feel relieved even for a few ticks of the clock. But I noticed the woman eyeing us back and forth and I felt rude not being able to give attention to her.


But, seriously, how could I?


I have been seeing Christian in my head over and over again for the past twenty-four months. And I couldn’t get over him.


Honestly, in all honesty, I couldn’t get over the guy.


And there was perfect reason. He didn’t get on that train by accident. I didn’t happen to just meet him on my last train to Paris. This happened for a perfect reason.


I just wish that reason’s still perfect right now.

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