teenage lies

Mia Malfoy...not a comman name but oh well. she isnt specail she is just a girl with you know. Teenage lies


1. This is me..and my story

 Deary Diary, so. Draco is gone...Bella...died. wheres ross? oh wait he left me too. What did i do so wrong? i will stop, everything. I Mia Mare Malfoy will stop this world from burning in ashes...but the only problem is that, i dont know when it would come. what other lies have i told?

"Mia? U still alive?" whale i need to go freedom. bye1 Love Mia

"yes taylor?' as i run down the stairs i see him..the boy who broke my heart and ate the pieces. Ross Carten.

"Get out.'

'woah slow down babe! its only me.'' gross he called me babe! ewwie!

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