In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


10. Chapter 9

 I can't sleep.


It's been about an hour and Im just staring at the ceiling.


I wonder if he's awake..


I quietly get out of bed and tiptoe into the hallway.


I look into the livingroom and he is sitting on the couch turned away from me.


I walk alittle closer.


He has something in his hand.


A picture?


Of my house?..


What. The. Fuck.


I hurriedly tip toed back into his room.


I walk back over to the dresser.


I opened the first drawer.




I opened the second one.




I opened the third drawer.




I pick up a handfull.


All of them are me.


Me when when I went to the park with Adam.


Me when me and Mel went to a concert.


I hear foot steps in the hall.


I shove the pictures back in. And hop into bed.


Moments later the door opens.


I try to speed down my heartbeats.


He walks over to the dresser and take the picture of me that was on there.


He puts it in his pocket and looks over to me.


I quickly close my eyes, hoping he didnt know I was awake.


He lets out a sigh and leaves.


I breath out not knowing I was holding my breath.


Who is he?..

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