In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


7. Chapter 7

Right infront of me was the boy who I saw at the carnival and ice cream parlor..


Why is he following me everywhere?


I look back at Adam but he's already walking back into the club.


Everything happened so fast, My brain can't process it all.


I could have been raped by Adam!


I press my back against the wall and slide down.


I burry my head into my arms and sob.


A hand gently rubs my back trying to sooth me, saying things like,


"Shhh It's okay.." or "Your safe now."


I wipe my face with the back of my hand.


I probably looked like a mess. Makeup streaming down my face.


I look up to see a pair of green eyes staring at me.


I turn my head away, not wanting him to see me looking like this.


The alcohol already took affect by now.


A pair of strong hands wrap around my waist and pull me up.


I screech.


Wow he must be strong because he lifts me up as if Im a feather.


He kinda scares me alittle..


I compose my posture and look up at him.


His tall frame, I'm shorter than him.


He's almost intimedating..


"Come on." He says not like a question, but more of a demand.


When we reach his car I'm guessing, he opens the door for me then jogs around to the other side and gets in.


"Um where are we g-going?" I stutter.


"Back to my place." He states simply like it was no big deal.


But to me it is a big deal.


I don't even know this guy! For all I know he could be a cereal killer.


"No, it's fine my house isn't that far away from here."


"We are going to my flat." He demands me.


Okay now I'm scared. So he is forcing me to go to his flat, I'm pretty sure this is kidnap.


I try to open the door but it's locked.


"I don't even know you!" I say my voice rising.


He shrugs his shoulders.


I try fiddling with the lock again.


"Stop." He demands in his deep husky voice.


He grabs both of my wrist with one of his hands.


Damn his hands are big.


He holds my wrist down with one hand and steers the car with the other.


I tense up in my seat.


"We're here." He says.

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