In The Shadows

The name is Alexis, but she perfers Lexi. Lexi is a normal 18 year old girl, until she meets him.. She feels like she's being followed. When her follower comes out of the shadows will she fall in love with the mysterious boy, or be afraid?..


6. Chapter 6

I feel curls lightly tickle my forehead.


I look up to a pair of green peircing eyes staring down at me.


I lift my hand up and slap it across his face with great force.


"I said we are over o-v-e-r." I spat.


Adam holds his cheek in pain.


*A/N: HAHAHAH I bet you thought that it was Harry she bumped into! HA I tricked you! ;D*


I start walking down the sidewalk once again, hoping adam got the message that we are done.


The next thing I know my back is against the wall.


Adam leaning over me.


"What, you think that I'm gonna let you go that easy?" He whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.


I lean to his ear.


"Fuck you." I whisper.


He smirks and laughs.


His hands start to roam my body.


I gasp and start pushing him away, but he wont budge.


"Stop!" I screech.


He kisses my neck biting down hard.


"Help!" I scream.


His weight is suddenly lifted off of me.


"She said stop."


A deep husky voice says.


I look over and see Adam stumbling backwards with blood dripping down his lip.


I turn to the person that saved me.


When I see him I gasp.


It can't be..

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